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Ashtaria of the Galactic Federation of Light via Davey, May 3d, 2021

Update for those Who are Concerned | Ashtaria of the Galactic Federation of Light via Davey

Ashtaria of the Galactic Federation of Light – Update for those who are concerned

2nd May 2021

Channeled by Davey

The following message came through from Ashtaria of the galactic federation of light, after reading about information that is currently coming out:

Greetings this day, dear earth brethren. We would like to transmit a short message to you this day on a matter that we know is concerning many of you. It is regarding the so-called in0culations that are being given to many at this time.

To you of the lightworker community this has little or no effect whatsoever on you. Do not go into fear.

There is, however, a possibility for those of lower vibration to become embroiled in the energy that is transmitted by those that have taken such in0culations. This was always the plan of the dark ones, to have such an effect, but it is minimal dear ones. We wish to set your minds at ease on this fact.

There is a solution we would like to offer you, those of our dear lightworker community who are reading this. To anchor in energy codes if you will, to be of help and support to your fellow earth community, so as to assist in nullifying such transmissive effects. If you wish to receive these codes it will be of great help to the small pool of people that would benefit from this help.

We would also like to gift you with codes that will further strengthen your own energetic makeup to raise your vibration further, which in turn will also help your fellow humans to raise their own. If you would like to receive these codes please attune to your Higher Selves and us in the Galactic Federation of Light, if you wish, and ask your Higher Self to download the codes that are appropriate for you in this now.

We will finish this message by saying all is well, dear ones. Such measures as this are merely assistive and we urge you to not be troubled by this or anything else that is currently going on in the world around you.

Be of good cheer dear ones, for all is proceeding exactly as the Creator wishes it. It cannot happen any other way. As the Creator decrees, so shall it be.

That is all for now. Go in peace and love. We are with you always.

Ashtaria & The Galactic Federation of Light.