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Bank front screens gives alert to anticipate rate change by Scott Mowry, February 4th

Scott Mowry, Feb. 4, 2016

Intel / Rumors | February 2, 2016

(These are strictly rumors. Strong discernment advised –– Scott)

Bank front screens were flashing at Tier 1 banks over the weekend, alerting staff to anticipate a rate change.

A Wells Fargo Banker said privately those screens flash as part of a preset test program to determine system readiness prior to a software input change — usually currency rates.

Know the new system has long been locked and loaded, so we think the flashing is yes to change rates, but also to alert all involved they must now prepare to play their part — including the redeeming internet group. They could have done this in the middle of the night without notice, but choose to do it when it would be reported upon.

The flash testing started exactly @ 6pm EST Friday; and when it completes, it means actual movement of funds is ready to disburse into individual accounts with new rates. These rates have “RV” listed next to them.

As of Monday morning, all screens had stopped flashing.

The Admiral–who is actually a retired Nuclear Submarine Commander (not an Admiral) — is in fact the new US Republic Treasurer, and has final economic government sign off responsibilities triggering the release of the TRN/USN into public circulation along with new Republic President General Joseph Dunford.

We believe their shared procedural act starts the US Republic’s portion of RV, which we understand has already occurred, and we are just now waiting upon final geopolitical announcements to be made — so the RV is not about US banks or the new Republic government performing per se. Over 50 world banks on every continent are already using TRN/USN digital credits as of January 1, 2016.

Keep in mind, the Chinese tend to make major moves on repeating days such as 1/1 & 2/2. Tuesday is 2/2.  (Which did not happen, the end of the Chinese New Year is another possibility – Per)

Private groups with relationships to specifically Asian Royal Families got contract rates as high as $10 USN for the VND & $20 USN for the IQD. These are good facts to know when and if you desire to negotiate higher redemption terms.

The ZIM international rate was activator trading on Monday, as high $0.38 USN.

The IQD international rate is frozen firm at $3.71 USN.

All 2008-09 AA, AB, AC ZIM notes have already been reduced to the million dollar denomination by international treaty circa 2014.
So be advised that all ZIM trillion and billion dollar notes should now be considered at par with the ZIM million dollar face value level.

Meaning, all ZIM notes will be exchanged at par in relationship to their printed face value at the million dollar level, regardless of the original printed value.

This is why 6 zeros had to come off the trillion dollar notes, and 3 zeros taken off the billion dollar notes. So all ZIM were redeemable at the same screen value.

Also, the 2008-09 ZIM currency was printed as an historical bond due to the physical paper it was printed on, and thus can and will be traded as a gold backed financial instrument on high level government humanitarians platforms, been though they will redeemed at the street level as a currency.

The ZIM has the only hybrid designation (currency / historical bond) in the first RV basket.

The true market value of the ZIM currency / historical bond will trade as much as 10x higher than the international or bank screen rate. This is a good fact to know when and if you desire to negotiate higher redemption terms.

The Cabal shut down the Zimbabwe / China printing press in 2009 when they discovered they were being attacked from within (Germany printing group). By then, it was too late, as the cabal was on the hook for the over printing the ZIM by hundreds of Quads.

The Iraqi Dinar overprint on bond paper was in part cabal retaliation for the ZIM bond overprint. Which didn’t work because the sovereign wouldn’t recognize it as valid, and they lost the oil wars – then were forced to abandoned the petrol dollar altogether.

All debts had to be settled before the GCR and thus both sides were trying to overcome the other without public notice.