Love is our new reality

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Being Oneness via Jamye Price, February 12th

Jamye Price ~ Being Oneness

Being Oneness
Following your heart is a big step for many people, because the information is unknown. The heart deals in potentials, possibilities, connection with others and Life. This is an uncomfortable experience for many that don’t have an inner strength, or that are dependent upon an outside circumstance for feeling good.
It is an earthly duality paradox—that you are wired to seek connection with Life, but that you must not need that connection to truly obtain a profound, deep, and meaningful connection. In essence, that connection must come from your internal strength rather than weakness or lack. Do not confuse weakness with a wrong state of being. Your vulnerabilities are your doorways to new strength.

The realm of the heart—the expansion of connection—is what your current time is facilitating.
As you open your heart, it can be overwhelming as you feel the pain of others. As your inner strength grows, you recognize this pain as others’ opportunities to find their own internal fortitude, sometimes with help from another, sometimes without.
Your connection is part of your beingness, it is just not the whole story.
In this earthly experience, your connection elevates your separation into a mutually beneficial evolution of greater connection. It is a process of becoming. It is an evolution of understanding, applying it into your life and being.
Connection and Oneness does not mean sameness. It does not merely mean compliance or sacrifice of the self for the whole. While those may be unique experiences within connection, they do not define the totality of your experience here on Earth.
As you observe your physical body, you see uniqueness among your organs and a vital separation. The separate organs create one whole being. You could structure the organs into a hierarchy of importance based on many different factors. What is more important, the heart that pumps, the lungs that feed, or the veins that merely transport? It does not seem that just being a vein is as important as a heart or a lung, but without veins, how important is a heart or a lung?
Of the many arguments that separate and dominate, look to the connection of all. Honor the uniqueness and appreciate the connection—the wholeness. There is a necessary connection of all organs working in concert while honoring their unique functionality that supports the whole. As you fully embrace your own uniqueness, your beauty, your perfection of beingness, you are connecting with the whole of Life more. You are more open. In this state you receive more, and you give more. Life thrives.
Observe the beauty of separation and connection in life
Observe through the beauty of separation and connection—the dual aspects of Life creating a larger whole. That duality is within you. You are connected and separate. This is the Earth experience. You, as you are, are a vital part of Life. As you embrace your connection and your separation, your Self, you are uniting two opposites into Oneness within your own being. This unification creates a wholeness that is open and strong, supporting others to thrive in their own way.
This is the changing of these times, that domination to create oneness cedes to honoring uniqueness to create oneness.
Honor your Self fully, blessed being, for you bring great sustenance to Life. Life experiencing through your eyes is a blessing. Life speaking through your mouth is a sacred song. Life touched by you has had the embrace of an Angel on Earth. Give that to your Self fully and truly, and the paradox is that you receive it in such invisible magnitude that your heart expands into more strength, more Love, and more connection with All of Life. Life thrives through you.
As we sit to Blast Being Oneness, we are honoring our uniqueness as we gift Earthly life with the song of our souls creating a symphony of Life is Beautiful. We are enhancing our strength to experience the challenges of Life as appropriate and transform them into opportunity of creative connection. We are the powerful Light in the storm, that knows the peace of safe shores has always been, but the adventure of Life called one to (k)new strength. We are perceiving Life through a connection with its greatest potential, the potential that lies dormant until a new Truth sets it free. We are the paradox resolved into the peace that encompasses a new understanding. Blast on!