“Believe it or Not…” by One Who Thinks – 4.13.18

“Believe it or Not…” by One Who Thinks – 4.13.18

Entry Submitted by One Who Thinks at 9:01 AM EDT on April 13, 2018

I was quite disturbed in the last 24 hours or so to hear so many regulars in this forum coming out with such strong negativism regarding report of the fast approaching RV as it relates to we internet aware currency and Zim holders. I fully understand that much of the information put out here is way out there and clearly, any prediction that we would begin to redeem before today was off the mark. Like in the market, however, past results do not guarantee future performance! To say that we can not start now because the reports we have been given in the past were wrong is to give up completely.

Why am I so confident? I have been blessed with a wide circle of long time friends and associates all over the world from activities that had nothing to do with the RV but built trust and loyalty. Many are now in unique positions to see the show nearly first hand. I will not go into details because I do not profess to be a guru and would not do anything to compromise my friends.

What I can say is that many crucial things that had to happen to allow our toll-free numbers to emerge have just happened in the last week, beginning with a hand delivered letter on Wednesday, Asia time, that had been LONG awaited. Within hours, new and specific reports came out with a timeline for the roll-out of our “blessing” that will be kept. things are different now because they are genuinely different now, we really have started. Things have no started at lightning speed as we have been led to expect, but they are happening according to the schedule released first on Wednesday, USA time.

Do not listen to those who are simply jaded by past false alarms. If that is their real feeling, God bless them with new hope in new reality. If they are planted to discourage and dismay us from our “blessing”, may they stay forever clear of what is available for those intent to make a better world with the new start we will have.

-One who thinks