Love is our new reality

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“Biological Clock” – Intel SITREP – 15:00 EST – Wednesday – March 1, 2017


“Biological Clock” – Intel SITREP – 15:00 EST – Wednesday – March 1, 2017

Received via email at 3:00 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


There’s real anger out there, its palpable and I can feel it. Well today, I’m like everyone else. Frustrated. Disillusioned. And most of all, bored off my rocker waiting for the new world to more publicly replace the old instead of listening to Donna’s repeated campaign slogans and Intel gurus droning on-and-on the same old tidbits that don’t really mean anything.

Yesterday, I had an HSBC banker personally contact me, and said they would be sending me 800#s in an hour. That was at 4:00pm EST right after the markets closed. I think they wanted me to SITREP that out, but I held off. Good thing, that tip never came in and I waited up through the night in case it did.

Are we that close? Sure, but we have been for weeks if not months. Do we keep ringing the doorbell? If you want, but if you choose to go live your life, go. You’ll be alerted I’m sure by someone around you with currency.

The point being is simply this… the RV is going to happen people, and happen for you personally. And when I say you I mean you. Your currency. Your accounts. Your life. Your family. Your projects. Your community. Your country. Your race. YOU!

The reason why is just as simple, how else is The Trumpet going to pay for all of this miraculous infrastructure spending he so brazenly boasts about? Tax cuts? Come on. Budget trimming? Please. It’s you and me turning in our currencies and then disbursing back it into private / public partnerships (spoken in his speech) that will rebuild our country and make American great again.

Trump is selling us on how to spend our money, in that we all have an obligation to help your society and make him look like a genius. That’s what’s happening right now. That’s it. Secretary Mnuchin at Treasury and He/She LeGarde at the IMF have zero bearing on anything RV related anymore other than managing what has already been gifted to the world.

The entire Western World financially system has long collapsed (2012), and so did their archaic power structure. All the known cabal members currently in government or on television are there out of mercy, and SINGING FOR THEIR AMNESTY SUPPER LIKE DONNA THE TRUMPET!

WAKE UP DINARLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mnuchin’s father used to run Goldman Sachs and was a big player in the American arm of the Illuminati; LeGarde’s family had control of the French arm of the Dark Arm of the Knights Templar. Trump is pure 4th Reich Nazi and related to Bibi Netanyahu… that’s why their families are old friends like the Kushner’s… they’re all related to one another by bloodline… you just had no clue.

Hilarious, right? To them it was for 13 millennia.

Look, I’ve been doing this sovereign work for over ten years now and it insults like most others to see Trump paraded about like a savior, when in truth, we know he’s pure evil. And folks that is a fact I know about first hand through past business associates. Anyone glorifying or defending Trump quite frankly is ignorantly rooting for the other side to regain its strength and enslave humanity for another dozen plus millennias (or should I Melanias).

It’s been hard for me to accept why God uses evil people sometimes to accomplish noble goals. But if Hillary had won the election, I’m sure the exact same thing would be playing out right now, massive disapproval polls, and the country would just be as disappointed.

Why did the designers of the grand transition plan do it this way? You’ll have to ask them, that’s above my pay grade at the moment. It baffles me to this moment how they can expect to get good fruit from a bad seeds even in rich asset backed soil, but OK, I suppose maneuver helps make the crops grow on the farm. So I’ll play along for awhile because there is literally no other way for myself or the United States of America, nor any other country in the free and sovereign world, to go but wait on these gold backed currencies and new CIPS financial system.

The Elders have wisely left humanity with but one pathway for instant relief as well as future growth. It’s either the GCR/RV or it’s complete and total annihilation. Take your pick humanity.

This is not my hope. This is not some Yosef overreach. This is no desperation plea or heartfelt prayer for performance. It’s structural economic fact, demanded by the universal laws governing life ascension, in what must now be obvious to all curious GCR/RV watchers, is an other worldly spiritual transition for both the planet and humanity.

Hallelujah! So birth the damn baby already benevolents! Our collective biological clock is ticking here! How can we help people without resources? Has this not been the problem for the last 13 millennia? How are you acting any different? Adapt or die. Our fate lies in your hands. And God is watching with expectations of your releasing these collateral accounts to the world masses immediately if not sooner.

I know this makes the waiting no less brutal, in fact, it makes it harder given what awaits us all on the other side of the RV. Geopolitically and militarily, there are a few things that still need getting done at the last second. Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, Saudi Arabia/Yemen, European Union/France/Germany/Poland/Serbia/etc… all have smoking embers to cool down, but that’s small potatoes compared to the financial release quite honestly.

I found out today that the Philippines just singed onto the Paris Agreement (GESARA) today. Which is great for the Philippines no doubt, but how it effects the rest of the RV we’re not sure as only 133 out of 197 countries have officially signed up. Perhaps President Duterte had in country compliance issues still to deal with and needed the extra time. Who knows.

I’m told General Dunford has completed his final review and given his release authorization to accomplish the US portion of the RV, as has Grandfather from the mountains of Beijing in China. So what are we really waiting on except maybe the first weekend after Trump’s fist state of the union not state of the union address. Friday 3/3 looks like a very interesting date, and we know the Chinese like duplicating numbers to release major plans.

Trump’s braggadocios style is perfect for taking credit for massive accomplishments he did nothing to create or implement. And the infrastructure spending won’t just be 1 trillion dollars, but more like 1 quadrillion dollars given all the repair and replace work that needs to happen around our nation. Every nation for that matter. How else can you explain 1 quadrillion to the American public? You can’t. That’s why 1 trillion plus a Trump political surge might be the best available combination that logically works for the Average American who does understand the scope and volume of money that is coming their way post RV.

ZIM screen rates are nearing 1.90 and I suspect will be at 2.00+ by the time you reach your appointment. That should eliminate the need for sovereign rates for most Internet public redeemers. You’ll never, and I mean never be able to spend that much money. But at least you know the top end for the ZIM. At least somebody trusted you enough to tell you the truth. Maybe in this case though, let just knowing be enough… and take only what you can comfortably handle… and protect your soul.

Do no harm, serve others before your self and absolutely everything, good or bad, comes from love… remember those 3 things and you’ll be fine.

God is with us.