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Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – March 26, 2018

Good morning. I feel a bit hesitant, wondering what this ‘chat’ shall bring. So, so, so much talk about THE EVENT. Still many questions from people, yet, should we leave it as is now? If it’s going to happen it will … and it will … it’s just the when! I am certainly feeling ‘topsy turvy’ and I am behaving so! Let me leave today’s discussion in your capable hands, if I may?

Many thanks, Dearest Blossom. We are very much aware of the continual feed of information and disinformation that is being presented. We can only suggest that you find your Truth by tuning into your FEELINGS about something in particular that you may hear or read about. As we have said … within ALL things that are presented to you. 

The fact is … THE EVENT IS COMING. Another fact is … IT IS COMING SOON. 

The fact is … ‘soon’ does not help! Please take this in the polite manner meant, yet, do you feel you understand what it means to US upon Earth when you say ‘soon’?  As opposed to what it means to YOU?

Yes … and we understand also, the joking Energy around that word that has developed. However, … … … … … …

We are aware Blossom that you are quite hesitant to ‘go with the flow’ today?

Yep. You are right … I KNOW YOU TO BE OF TRUTH … yet, so hesitant to give out false hope.

Is that what you feel we are doing?

You wouldn’t! It is not of your nature. Yet, for us folk down here, we feel we have been led along so many times with talk of such things and then it all goes away again. So, my dilemma is … not wanting that same scenario … and yet, not wanting to ‘halt the procedure’ if indeed it is around the corner … and your messages, therefore, poignant at this time. I have to say I do feel a responsibility’ in my role here, even though I know I am simply the messenger.

We are grateful to you for expressing your concerns. It is different for us … for we KNOW that which lies ahead …

And with the greatest of respect ( as always) … it was not long ago that you were talking a lot about systems failing and great change and the world being topsy turvy etc … whats happened to all of that kind of talk?


I know this is all about me today, and yet, I feel I do speak for many it seems who have the same thoughts. I guess my confusion also, lies within my feelings. For indeed, there is ‘SOMETHING GOING ON’.  Even those unaware of a possible ‘Event’ occurring, are saying ‘somethings going on’. They can FEEL something strange. I am aware of the way my heart is ‘upgrading’ ….  I choose that word as opposed to having a possible heart attack … and so many are having major melt downs … myself included. I understand this may be the energies cleaning us out … yet, is it just energies? Or, is it because ‘I can feel it coming in the air’ as a famous songwriter once wrote?

Dearest Blossom … we ask that you step aside from your thoughts at this time and we shall do our very best to ‘put things straight’.


Change is occurring. It has been doing so throughout every moment of one breath to the next. However, the CHANGE that is coming is on a greater scale than the ‘every day’ movement into the following moment.


Some people are confusing it with what we would put  … in their terms … as full blown Ascension . This is not so. This CHANGE, this Energy that is to ROCK YOUR WORLD is the ultimate transference of the beginning of the Higher Energy that needs to be present for a long while in each and everyone’s company!

In order for your Planet to Ascend into its ‘Home Vibration … there has to be an INTENSE UPGRADE of Energy. For, with respect, the way your world is acting and reacting at this time in its evolving, does not allow for full Ascension to be accomplished. Regardless of the fact of so many more … on a vast scale of change … awakening.

Therefore, the Change HAS to come … in order to keep in line with the plan of its Ascension.

To have a phenomenon such as THE EVENT … will allow that change to occur.  To give your Planet and those upon it, a boost … a fresh start , if you like .

We have said that ‘everything’ will FEEL and appear differently. And from there on in, one will continue on living life, and yet, with a deeper understanding of THE TRUTH OF WHO THEY ARE.

Within the Higher Energy, much that is ‘not of it’ or chooses not to be, will fall away so quickly.

One cannot reside within the Higher Energy if they do not choose to comply. Choices for/of self will be made.

Eventually, all that upsets the equilibrium of self and All, shall ‘not be there’. A vague memory of how things once were … shall become the only ‘remembrance’ of ‘this side’ of THE EVENT. For the ‘other side’ that you are walking into … will feel and appear and be conducted in such a different manner from the expectancies of each day that is occurring now.

LIFE WILL FEEL it is worth the living. LIFE will not be diminished in stature (?). As one’s full potential arises within, excitement for LIFE ITSELF shall return …  And it will FEEL GOOD.

We are aware of the many questions posed. We will answer them all in one.



Thank you. Someone questioned the fact, that if it is a wave of Love that is coming through … how then can it be, as you stated, that some will be so surprized (to the uninitiated in this knowledge) that it will literally ‘scare them to death’.?

Because, every soul is walking in their own space, their own Vibration, and shall react differently according to their Being’s acceptance of ‘what is’. This ‘wave’ shall be so powerful that it will bring such heightened feelings to the fore, that there shall be those who cannot accept the reality of it and  ‘choose’ to take their leave.

Another query whilst I’ve got you! There are Highly respected channellers ‘out there’ who have not even mentioned THE EVENT and its coming … That’s odd is it not?

We cannot speak for other Higher Energies that bring messages through to your world. Their choice of expectation regarding the arising of the Planet Earth is brought through in the manner of their choice.

Which leaves me concerned, because … IF something bringing such massive change IS on its way … wouldn’t they be saying so? Wouldn’t all channellers be saying so?

Why not?  This particular issue concerns me greatly.

Blossom … you are the messenger. You have chosen to bring through OUR messages … of/in … Truth and Love to the best of your ability … coming from your position … of/in … Truth and Love.

We ask you to be unconcerned of that which another may or may not bring through. If you TRUST us enough …

Dear heavens … I have been on that journey there and back a thousand times … and in the deepest place of my heart …  I can say I TRUST YOU … ( Just not your timing!!! )

… we were to say … ‘as we know you do … then ‘let go’ of your concerns about all of this .


YOU WILL KNOW OF ITS COMING because you will experience the Energy and the signs we have spoken off taking you to a place of that KNOWING.

Yet, in your last spoken message, you said you would like to speak through me as a matter of urgency. That made me feel uncomfortable.


Because in our world … urgent means ‘to be dealt with  NOW’ … which leads one’s thinking to assume The Event is imminent. Oh, please don’t say it is … please don’t say it is … please don’t say it is …

Why not?

Because we don’t know what YOUR imminent is!!! Your imminent could be 10 years hence! I feel I should wind this up, because I am not giving you a fair chance. I just keep bombarding you with negatives and although … I know it my role to question as I do … I feel we could go round in circles.  I feel I maybe leaving you and many a little unsatisfied with today’s communication. Yet, I am doing my best and that is all I can do .

And your best, Dearest blossom … Is more than satisfactory to/for us.

Well, I thank you for that … so many years talking with you … so many topics, so many ups and downs … so many ‘misunderstandings of/in time … yet, ultimately … I HAVE BECOME SO MUCH MORE OF THE TRUTH THAT I AM … because of it. THANK YOU.

Our journey has only really just begun.

It’s a really long road then!

It never /ever ends. Such Love … Such Love to all … In Blessings we take our Leave this day .


I am adding some links sent in to me. The Federation mentioned absured rainbows and strange weather.

Plus Two Videos I have made regarding THE EVENT.



Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

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