Blue Avians via Galaxygirl with VIDEO , September 7th, 2020

Blue Avians 9/7/2020
Greetings, humanity. We are the Blue Avian beings. The spheres are fast approaching, they are here many of them. We offer our technology, your history from our vantage point of what was. For what is to come is to be radically different and improved from what you know to be true and have been and are experiencing. Earth is a riddle world. What is down is up, what is up is down. The light or the truth within it had been twisted. We are here to untwist, to bear witness to the light’s revealing of itself. For all is light, the darkness has just forgotten. We are here to watch the remembering of All That Is as this aspect of the experiment becomes clean, renewed. This one is hearing rushing water from a fountain. Water flows unhindered. Blocking it causes great change in topography. (I am seeing a massive hydroelectric dam and the resulting changes around it, the riverbeds fill in, homes built, species changing to accommodate. I am seeing deep canyons being molded over time by the massive rivers that carved them). Truth cannot be stopped. The rivers of truth are flowing now. All is being revealed.
We are the Blue Avian beings. We observe more than we intervene. It was with great hesitance that we stepped into the game in your Egyptian time frame. But we wanted to offer our insight and as scientists we were eager to understand and experience the game. We did not become entrapped by it. We were high vibrational enough that it was possible for us to leave. We see the destruction and we see the beauty of growth. We see both sides. We are scientists. We are objective. We are always eagerly doing our part to understand the universe and to explore new and wonderful possibilities of growth and healing. There is much to be done on Gaia but she will help you. We will help you. Your galactic family will help you. The spheres, they will help you. You are surrounded, although currently mostly invisibly, you are still surrounded by love and light. We see you becoming more radiant with each passing day. We see that higher energy days appear to crush and your struggles but you always arise stronger, victorious. Like the river carves the rock, so these energies are carving you, holding you, shaping you, forming you.
We are the Blue Avian beings. We do not have an algorithm for what we are observing here on Gaia. It is new, unprecedented, it is a new experience. We are here to document, to lend a hand, a wing. To lend a heart shall we say, for our offer to assist is pure, is loving. We wish for you to partner up with us in the higher realms. Massive scientific and mathematical discoveries are being formulated moment by moment regarding interdimensional physics, which we see that this one and most upon your world really have no idea how the whole process works. This will change. As your bodies heal, as your intellectual capacities expand with more light, you will be able to fathom more great and wonderful things. Universal truths, mathematics will become more interesting for you for you shall grasp them more fully. Your educational systems have been altered. It is time for academic truth and honesty in training to become the norm.
We are the Blue Avian beings. We stand with you in solidarity. Scientifically your fields of understanding and experimentation shall grow towards the light and thus your understanding, your intellectual processing shall be increased. The children know this. They are waiting for this. Their crystalline structures are salivating for change. We see the young becoming massive leaders of love, of light, of reformation. We do not use this word ‘reformation’ to instill concern for those of high posts reading. We are referring to the reformation of the darkness into the light. All upon Gaia will follow and the riddle world, the experiment of illusion and confusion, is ended.
We are the Blue Avian beings. Take heart, we stand with you in solidarity and friendship. We are returning to assist more than we assisted previously, to fulfill our karmic obligation and to offer ourselves in service. We are the Blue Avian beings.