“Bumpy” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – May 27, 2017

“Bumpy” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – May 27, 2017

UST raided by Republic forces tonight preparing for RV release (after midnight?).

As a result, Trump suddenly threatening to pull out of gold treaty (aka Paris Agreement).


Trump offered last chance to publicly resign at G7 and did not.

So now the fireworks are set to begin this week on his impeachment–without or without his resignation.

Netanyahu the same. International financial sanctions are coming to Israel whether the Knesset throws him out first
or not.

Real rubber hitting the road stuff going on. Bone on bone deal making. One winner, one loser, no middle ground.

Congress the same. It’s now time for Ryan to abandoned the Trump ship we are told or the US will face harsh worldwide trade sanctions.

Negotiations still ongoing in Panama and Beijing for massive historic asset and IQD settlements. The raw numbers of which would shock you all in cardiac arrest.

There really was no need for poverty, famine, drought or homelessness pre-RV. It was pure greed that was the common and chosen disease of all human suffering.

No more, no less, no excuses.

There are a few sovereigns who on principal just want this to hurt the other side as much as their financial haircut is hurting them. Right up to the very last second.

Security mobilization is fully active. Heading US quietly planned in DEFCON 1 status anticipating counter attack while RV is on going.

Hang in there, folks… it may be a bumpy landing. And then again, it may not. We shall see.

Either way, these final hours are all just absolutely bananas.

God is with us.