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“Burner Phone” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – February 2, 2017


“Burner Phone” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – 02:00 EST – Thursday – February 2, 2017

Received via email at 2:22 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

All currencies have both a sovereign (TRN) and screen rate (USN) attached to their redemption value.

All first basket currencies have been redeemed by T1, T2, T3 & T4 banks this past week.

All we’re considered “tester” private exchanges in order to challenge the new system with real time conversions and also to allow the banks to meet the new Basel lll capital holding requirements.

All US banks therefore, in all tier classifications, are now classified as being Basel lll compliant. Which is a minor miracle when you think about just where the Us banking system was only two years ago.

The timing of the ultimate RV release has had to do with the end of GESARA’s 120 day implementation period requirement–which ends today on February 2, 2017.

To achieve higher Sovereign Rate redemptions, a redeemer must produce a pre-planned projects (Humanitarian or Job Creation).

The more complete the project presentation the more eligible a redeemer will be to achieve higher sovereign rate negotiations, as the NPTB want more money going towards economic growth versus individual wealth.

Redemption rates are all over the board. Several below screen rates were reported in many instances. Several sovereign rate values were also reported. It’s really a case by case basis.

Final negotiated rates are dependent on personal preference, communicated goals and philanthropic readiness.

General Joseph Dunford is charge of the RV for the Chinese Elders–and is not beholden to Trump or Obama. Release day and time is his call.

Maligned US Treasury nominees Steve Mnuchin and HHS nominee Tom Price’s both got their committee approvals today, which were told really matters to Fighting Joe–as he wanted all Republic cabinet picks seated before rolling out the RV–yet were now being told he’s comfort with the process and we can get started anytime.

And now that all US banks are Basel lll compliant, due to below market private Zim redemptions, Dunford is ready, willing and able to pull the trigger. But as of Thursday morning, has not.

Screen rates on the Zim yesterday were floating between 0.94 and 1.17 USD. This means all first basket currency rate are now openly floating. Which is an enormous victory for the entire RV community.

Know the Trump administration is 100% scripted by the China and Russia governments; meaning Donald is given both a strict timetable and agenda of what he must accomplish in his first 100 days (4 months from his Election Day of November 8, 2016).

The GOP doesn’t know what’s coming next by design, and they’re being made to just react, like he rest of us, improv style, thus adapting on the fly to appear surprised like the general public as to what the hell Trump is doing and saying.

What Trump is really doing, however, is effectively implementing international GESARA reforms–which are massive and non-negotiable–and his ego is also absorbing all that bad global media as he implements all these radical yet mandatory changes–thus protecting squeaky clean Ryan’s political reputation for the 2020 election.

Trump understands he will be replaced at some point and knows he is serving as but a “burner phone” President, who will be tossed aside and made to step down sometime in the first quarter of 2017.

Their are some very specific conservative and religious ideological goals China and Russia want accomplished in order to best morally reset the Republic in alignment with their cultures (the Supreme Court balance, abortion, gay marriage, universal health care, energy, Brexit, EU, Ukraine, Israel, Syria, NATO, and of course switching to a gold backed currency).

Both the new gold backed currency law from Congress and the required signatures from President Trump, Speaker Ryan and US Treasurer Szubin have all been inked. So we legally are really on the other side of the RV. But release is up to Dunford.

(FYI: Acting UST Secretary–Adam Szubin)

Trump is revealing none of his future plans to anyone but his Senior Advisor Bannon, shutting out Priebus and Pence, drawing closer to son-in-law Kushner for basic family insulation protection.

Ryan and the GOP establishment are just waiting for Trump to intentionally “burn out” his welcome with the American people–then threaten to impeach him on ethics violations along with the Democratic caucus–which will force Trump to resign a la Nixon did during the Watergate scandal. Not sure if a Ryan Presidential pardon will be necessary but it’s likely knowing Trump.

This Republic restoration script was all planned by the Chinese, Russians and Pentagon White Hats–also the three largest stakeholders in the USA.

This is why Trump is working so fast, as he must accomplish a set agenda in order to achieve his own personal amnesty package. The quicker he works, the more compensation he receives.

The Washington establishment is not happy about having to be lead around like a dog without any power or prior instruction by this outsider Trump, who was forced down their throats by foreign governments that out maneuvered them into this pathetic submission.

The Marine Corp is in full control of all national military and agency interests. Generals Dunford, Mattis and Kelly are in full control of Pentagon, DOD and Homeland Security respectively.

Mike Pompeo at the CIA and Director James Comey at the FBI are also on board with the Republic’s transition plan, letting the NSA take the leaking lead.

Delays and conflicts have been carefully coordinated between Republicans and Democrats, to give the appearance of adding pressure to President Trump who is refused to work nicely with the main stream media and Washington establishment.

Even the Iran missile flare up was all planned to raise the stakes today’s with Israel–who’s government transition is also being coordinated by the Russians and Chinese.

Judicially, the Republicans will restock and the Supreme court with 4 new conservative justices, 2 in the first 6 Months. Another Chinese and Russian demand. With 80 year old conservative Justice Kennedy to retire once his former clerk Gorsuch is confirmed latter this month.

We are told it was his one amnesty condition before leaving the bench–to pick his successor Gorsuch.

Hardiman will actually be replacing deceased Justice Scalia. They went out of order to not look suspicious. Neither candidate will be filibustered.

The next two justices to be replaced are liberals Bader (83) and Breyer (78). Expect to see another conservative and a replacement liberal selected–bringing the conservative majority up to a comfortable 6-3.

Trump will be starting a TV network after his “burner” Presidency comes to a conclusion.

A Ryan/Pence ticket is poised and ready to take over with GOP and tempered Democratic support. Seriously, what other choice do the democrats have for the next 8 years?

Look for Kevin McCarthy to become the new Speaker of the House.

Odd times we live in folks, divine times too.

God is with us.