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“Butterflies” – GCR/RV Thought – Saturday – June 24, 2017

“Butterflies” – GCR/RV Thought – Saturday – June 24, 2017


Dearest Butterflies,

Our shared cocooned metamorphosis is now complete. We are free to be as beautiful as the Lord created us.

No limitations. No shame. No regrets.

Your graduation from being unsightly to indescribable has indeed arrived.

It’s safe to allow your most colorful wings to expand into all community’s, countries and continents as you radiate Christ’s eternal peace, love and wealth … proudly and brightly as the human angels you are–shinning daily like fresh morning sunshine.

This day was made for the righteously righteous–for those who dared to endure man’s perpetual misperceptions of ugliness only to quietly disguise our blinding Godly beauty for this epic moment.

We knew who we were, deep down, even if and when the world could not see our beauty or flat out refused.

Never shall we penalize or belittle their lesser understanding of Christ’s authority of mankind, rather we shall bless those who berated us abundantly, offering them our sincerest apologies for not communicating His blessings adequately for their ears to hear.

Because WE ARE ALL as heaven intended, humble and dynamic, powerful and meek.

As we are bite One community of servants, serving new and old servants alike, and empowering all who desire to serve others.

Be it knowingly and unknowingly, all have hsuffered through these winds of radical era change to now be able to fly effortlessly on the breezes caused by Yeshua’s benevolence.

To some we still won’t be beautiful butterflies, yet for others we shall become some miraculous wind beneath their exhausted wings.

Neither opinion is accurate nor truth.

We are just simple servants of the Most High trying to find our way back to God via every thought, deed, word and step–just like they are now and everyone we will encounter in the future.

For we all count equally in the eyes and heart of the Lord… One of One.

Never forget this truth in your travels. Every soul matters equally.

To our families we will just be sons, daughters parents, and grandparents there to lovingly guide them into their own divine covenant–all in service of God.

Nothing more, nothing less. Sobeit.

So now, allow me, aka Yosef, the honor of dying second in Zimland (Christ was first), surrendering and acknowledging that your beauty has far out paced my teachings, as such, I know all of you will fly higher and further than even I can imagine.

Now that’s really saying something…

Know my greatest joy will come from the sidelines, watching all of you perform once unthinkable acts of mercy, providing shade and hope for billions in need beneath your glorious and beautiful butterfly wings.

Mahalo Nui Loa for allowing me into and now out of your lives. It was truly my privilege to serve this community.

Officially, it’s now time to consider the doors of “The Billionaire’s Woodshed” wide open for all ready and willing butterflies to fly free, live brave and share the love of Christ the Son, Savior and Messiah with all desiring a life of servitude.

God is with us.