Butterfly Collective via Galaxygirl, July 26th, 2018

Butterfly Collective  7/26/18

Hello friends, we are the Butterfly Collective. You may recognize our miniature forms as the lovely lightweight and carefree pollinators who flit on the gentle breezes on your planet, feasting on the flowers and their beauty. They are but aspects of us, the butterfly people. When Gaia was being terra-formed most all species of our time space were offered to index their DNA here in some form or another as Gaia was to be a living wonder – a library – for the cosmos to showcase genetic diversity. Most animals and Earth insects, flowers and plants are from around this space quadrant and are somewhat smaller versions of themselves here in your space time in this moment.

We butterflies exemplify change which is a most fitting analogy for you, human collective, at this time space, while you “flit in between dimensions” as the Mother has said recently. We enjoy flitting. We enjoy riding the breezes of the Mother, of the breath of the wind as it carries us along. We feel the codes of the sunshine on our bodies, through our wings. We taste the various nectars and enjoy talking with the flowers as we commune with nature. The fairies tend to us and we enjoy this greatly, for it is a joy to serve as pollinators and to be served and receive in turn.

We see this as something that you too could benefit from and open up to, human collective. We see you getting ready to receive these incoming energies with grace and ease of masters and this delights not only our galactic counterparts but us, the Butterfly Collective, as well. For where would the butterflies be if they could not receive the warmth of the sun, the nourishment of the flower juice or the comfort of the Mother’s breath? Tremendous offerings are available for you, human collective. We suggest you open your hands, your wings, and absorb the gift that is being presented to you.

We butterflies take great delight in our diversity. We are many colors, sizes, shapes, and yet are all one. This too is another great lesson for you in this time of oneness. You are all humankind. You are all sizes, shapes, colors, ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, and yet you are all one. This is your greatest strength, together in oneness. This is what the dark fears the most. Allow the light to permeate your newly found wings, human collective, and soak up the energy pulse from the Mother of All Things, from the Great Central Sun and as a collective there is no ceiling to how high you will fly.

We are the Butterfly Collective and we encourage you to embrace these internal changes within. For the caterpillar must realize it is a butterfly inside before the world can see their transformation. The cocoon, the season of internal processing, has completed for many if not most of the current awake light workers. It is time to stretch your wings and fly. And we will greet you on the other side. We are your friends the butterflies, of the Butterfly Collective.