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“Cash Grab” – GCR/RV Sitrep – Wednesday – August 9, 2017

“Cash Grab” – GCR/RV Sitrep – Wednesday – August 9, 2017

Digital credits have replaced cash. Already. Seriously.

So when you redeem your ZIM currency in August, you’ll actually be turning in old paper bond notes (backed by Chinese hard assets) for leased digital credits on a new financial system (backed by Zimbabwe hard assets) at an introductory rate of 1:1… or the printed face value of each ZIM bond note you hold.

You can take less or ask for more, entirely your choice, but 1:1 seems to be where the “screen rate” sits to begin negotiations if you ask to view a banker’s currency monitor.

The cash grab aspect of the RV now relates to humanitarian and job creation projects. The more good you desire to do in the world in service of others, the more leased digital credit you can and will receive on the new financial system.

If you morally fail or do harm to others, or decease without a living heir… your leased digital credits will be terminated. But as long as you are alive, or have family members who were legally transferred to be trustees managing your leased digital credits at the time of your death, principal access continues uninterrupted and the “money train” keeps moving down the track for the next generation.

Same rules apply to them as to you… do no harm and serve others. Simple. Non negotiable.

This revolutionary concept of leasing digital credits makes the ancient concept of exchanging tangible owned papered currency notes irrelevant on the spot–as the controllers of the new financial system can bless or burden anyone they deem fit or unfit to participate.

Cabal families members and business leaders once thought economically invincible can be 100% fiscally terminated with just the click of a mouse for immoral behavior. Poof. Gone forever.

Fraud, theft and unsavory business practices of any kind will no longer be tolerated, period. Vice versa, charity, mercy, grace and abundance will be allowed to continue ad infinitum.

How radically cool is that?

There is no longer any safe haven bank, domicile or nation for the bad guys to run and hide with mountains of cash on this new financial system, as their is just no longer any recognized off ledger cash to physically deposit or wire as no bank will recognize it, as that’s a punishable by law action.

Crime literally no longer pays. Or phrased better, nobody will pay for crime anymore at the sovereign tiers of banking. The penalty is just too steep.

Drug dealers, sex and human traffickers, arms dealers even black ops military forces have no more opportunity to function without complete economic transparency and thus cannot disappear in the financial shadows of the old sovereign tiered financial system any longer.

Morality matters once again. Service to others matters again. Non-recourse mercy matters again. As all greater good activities will finally be rewarded versus criminal, poverty and depravity schemes causing human suffering and chaos.

This is why your ZIM has an 80/20 humanitarian split rule in place, so there’s not the sensation to go for a good old cash grab before or after exchanging.

The new model is weighted differently and thus delivered more effectively than anything or anyone has ever experience before.

It’s a brand new paradigm, for a brand new dimension, in a brand new era. Exciting? For some. Terrifying? For most. Reality? For all.

So deal with it humanity… you’re free from monetary enslavement… right now… eternally. Sobeit.

God is with us