Love is our new reality

Channeled meditation from the Pleiades via Inger Noren, April 2, 2020

Channeled meditation from the Pleiades via Inger Noren, April 2, 2020

A new time, a new world

Sit or lie down comfortably and take a deep breath to relax your body. Take another deep breath as you feel your body relax and your thoughts concentrated on breathing.

In this time of energies that hit the Earth and even other particles such as viruses, it is important to go into their interior to counter their fear of everything that is happening on Earth.

This is a time when everything is still on Earth and people are allowed to rest and even the Earth is resting from pollution, among other things.

Imagine that everything happens for a reason to get people to really have the opportunity to go into themselves and feel for what they really need to feel love, compassion for themselves and others who are very scared, stressed and anxious.

This state that the Earth is in right now will gradually cease and people will become more aware of their existence and love for this Earth with all its beauty that has been given to humans.

Take a new breath and imagine now that you have never experienced such a sense of freedom and light around you. Never has the world been so beautiful with clear air and clear sky. The dark time is over and feel how your joy and confidence for the future is strong.

Imagine Earth as the place where you really want to live, which is a safe place for all living beings and free from fear and oppression. A world where children can play safely without fear of the future.

Take a fresh breath and imagine that right now, everything is just as it should be. Everything else is an illusion from the old and from now on the world is another place to live.

Welcome back



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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