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“Collateral Damage” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – September 18, 2018

“Collateral Damage” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – September 18, 2018

Received via email at 4:47 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

When will you people get real about how in debt America really is to China?

You’ve seen trillions in US debt reported.

You’re aware of quantitive easing, but aren’t sure what it actually means.

You’ve heard about derivatives, yet so what — you don’t use them.

It all doesn’t add up to the fact that the western financial system is insolvent and has been since 1933.

The USD has no logical foundation behind it with regards to any sustainable value due to a lack of hard asset collateral.

It’s just air!

That means all your “money,” in all your checking, savings, investment and retirement accounts is simply not real! And never was!

Just like the USD, just like UST bonds and just like the FED and IRS, junk bonds, ETF’s and corporate stocks based in American, Canadian, European or Australian countries–all of it is a total made up lie and that lie is what’s causing all this chaos and this collapsing right before our very eyes.

None of it was ever real. Zip. Deal with it or leave the earth.

So when the USN is forced into play on October 1 and things do get real, and real fast, dramatic events is change will start happening–more suddenly than anyone is thinking–and the great illusion of western dominance will just end.

73 years of military dominance gone in the blink of an eye or click of a mouse.

No more grace periods to extend.

No more meetings to renegotiate treaties and implement international bankruptcy rulings.

This end of the line situation is far more dire than anyone is being told.

And perhaps only this group of Human Angels has the fiscal remedy for folks who must now live in this new reality because only we enjoy the new endless supply of currency being forced upon us by the holders of all global debt–The Chinese Elders.

We had time to educate ourselves.

We had information presented to our group that told us every which way the winds of change would eventually blow.

We all bought currency with this end in mind which is a good thing.

Until you realize what you really bought into.

The bad news is that by just buying ZIM (or gifting it) you are morally obligated to serving humanity by healing the soul of the world.

The problems we face are so vast, so daunting, most won’t get out of bed after they redeem.

As the majority of North Americans are totally clueless that their money and government has no value to the rest of the world or universe other than being just one nation under God like all other 208 sovereign nations of the world.

We’ve lost our shinning light on a hill, beacon status.

This as China calmly lets the proverbial air run out of the US/Canada/EU/AUS/NZ ballon until it falls limp to the floor — 100% deflated never to refill.

That’s the true definition of collateral damage. Serving the greater good in the long-term even though causing overt suffering in the short term.

Why do you think the benevolents allowed two hurricanes to hit Texas, Florida and the US Virgin Islands?

Acceptable levels of collateral damage due to cabal weather manipulation is why.

Why do you think they’re letting Hurricane Trump speak at the UN tomorrow morning?

Acceptable levels of collateral orange damage due to political system manipulation is why.

Why do you think the “North Korean Nuclear Threat” is magically allowed to rear its ugly head again and putting military pressure on China and Russia?

Acceptable levels of collateral damage before they dump the western financial system like an elephant crap in the middle of trading floors worldwide come October

Get it?

The end of the cabal is happening in real time, right now, but it’s the end of their world not ours.

In actuality, it’s the beginning of a golden revival of human sovereignty the world and cosmos over. Hallelujah!

The cabal lie is that their alien crime syndicate is neither human nor in control of humanity’s affairs any longer after a dozen plus millennia.

Wanna get away?

Think about the collateral damage about to descend on the cabal mechanisms of control when there is no more USD to pay for anything because literally there is no more USD period?

Do you think that new story will hit the global wires? Of course not. But talk about instant and catastrophic devastation!

Psychological bloodshed will be taken to new heights on both sides of the truth.

Many people will simply freak out or worse self combust.

Hence why the ZIM appears so invaluable only to suddenly be so valuable because that’s the hard truth is finally being told about Africa and Africans.

Zimbabwe currency is right now 362 times more valuable than the USN. Take a hit off that bong, Hayden! Maybe it’ll straighten-out your dying and receding intellectual hairline for yet another irrelevant tedX dissertation.

Dumping this kind of wealth on humanity is in or itself a form of acceptable collateral damage as well.

Constructs of reality will implode with all these new introductions of harsh truths.

The Clinton’s, Trump’s, Bush’s, Obama’s (first term), Reagan’s, Carter’s, Nixon’s, Johnson’s, Eisenhower’s, Truman’s and Fords… were all in on the cabal’s master plan to not only keep humanity enslaved, but genetically euthanize our DNA strands Of divinity straight off the planet, create a unisexes multi-colored slave race that lived in complete poverty below the 33rd parallel north as mining drones of the earth’s hard assets.

Oh yeah, your election votes never counted. Ever!

Every aspect of modern society has been created for mankind to alter their collective perception of possibility and artificially quenching our innate thirst for seeking the truth.

All to keep you sound asleep by limiting your imagination. But enough about the improvised stalagmite with his pompous Anglo finger stuck in his own electric outlet … i.e. his ass.

Media talking heads, celebrities and social media websites keep the master lie going by legitimizing false flag events like Sandy Hook, JFK and Reagan fake assassinations plus the Boston Marathon Bombing and Paris Night Club Shooting — so that your bogusly “elected” politicians can appear as if they are problem solving and protecting / improving society.

Utter bullshit!

Society never improves not really… just like the debt that never gets paid down… or the gold that never gets audited in Fort Knox… issues just keep getting kicked down the road for the next generation to not solve by them.

Then they tax us more taking away more of our liberties. But hey, at least the NFL has a full slate of games this week.

Bread and f***ing circus.

Meaning the cabal covertly creates gridlock over centuries all by design, just as they have tried to hide the collapse of the western financial system circa 1933 as to keep the hope of enslaving the global middle class so they would permanently never have the means or will to fight back.

Hey, don’t get upset at me. Last night’s Emmy Show is still on your DVR. Go watch it and forget about the misery of everyone of color. Notice too how 98% of Emmy winners are always white? Bit by all means go have a glass of wine or cold can of beer and fall fast asleep per usual and never do anything about it!!!!!

Don’t rock the boat Yo. Oh and please don’t swear. How dare you challenge Anglo righteous and authority! That’s not what Christ would do.


Well here’s a news flash, Christ wasn’t white and turned over tables in the temples of sin and depravity.

So f*** you.

Especially Jackie Nutbag in Montana who is a slave to her own abject ignorance. You and Hayden should hook up in Tinder and give birth to a plague and name it Ebola.

I’ll show my face as soon as you pull your head out of your backwoods ass. I have 19 months in this community, hundred of posts and a thousand hours on calls education people.

You have vitriol and rage. And a 3D personality that isn’t moving forward. Best to get your affairs in order. Make sure someone is ready to milk your cows and claim your “sheep in the meadow” wall plate collection.

God hasn’t allowed the grand enslavement of humanity so nor will I, and I rather enjoy seeing the cabal minions scramble in public forums a la Trump and Netanyahu.

This couple is pure hell on earth. And if you can’t see that, then there literally is nothing I can do for you and thus no hope for you.

I don’t enjoy that good people in this community suffer from uncertainty cause by ignorance. Except maybe Mrs. Insanity from the great state of Montana.

It’s our time to rise up and take back our nation and species at the genetic level!


America as we knew it is long gone, and only Human Angels are left on the front lines as first responders to engage in the reconstruction of services for the Republic’s future.

So please God, Lord, Yeshua wake these sleepwalking masses up! And let’s get to work!

We have physical bullion assigned to the Church Bank and just waiting for international project funding!

Believe these words as truth — everyone can live a life beyond their imagination. But chose otherwise and perish. Those are your two choices.

Either way you’re right about your future.

Pre-RV is the only time any of us have left to ready your subconscious minds for this carnage of how and why the real world really operates as the collateral damage is coming via massive and sudden change. Sobeit.

God is with us