Love is our new reality

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Communicating with Healing | Archangel Gabrielle via Lee Degani , March 30th, 2023

Communicating with Healing | Archangel Gabrielle via Lee Degani

by Lee Degani

Beloveds, we, you can communicate with healing.

Yes, I come with Joy! I am AAGabrielle, Gabriel, my masculine form is Gabriel. But tonight I come in the feminine, for is not the feminine meant for Joy? The Joy of carrying a baby, of giving the birth.

The communication of a mother and a baby, many of you have experienced that. And if you are of the male gender, you have experienced it as well. For there is a bond, a bond of Love, of bond of Joy. Are there times when things don’t go according to plan and maybe that bond is not as strong as it could be or there is interference. Yes, but that bond of communication is still there, even though sometimes one must dig for it.

There is a bond between you and healing. You think often that you need to call in the healing and that you need to go through certain rituals to bring it in. When we ask you to call us, post the archangels, it is to help you, yes, get to the higher vibrations but also to create a space that you can more easily communicate with us. But that communication does not need to be dependent on that sacred space. You can just decide that you wish to communicate with healing and in your heart space it will come forth. So let us try it now.

Yes, healing can communicate with you. What would you like to say to the healing? Say it now in your heart. Would you like it to go in a certain place? Would you like it to expand? Would you like it to spread out into the world? Feel in your heart how it will come to you now, filling every part of your essence, you very being.

Perhaps you wish to communicate with Peace. Call to it. AAMichael is the one who helps us with Peace so you can call to him. Or you can just call to Peace itself. What would you like of the Peace? It has its own consciousness. It has its own energy. Do you wish it to fill your mind? Do you wish it to fill your heart? Do you wish it to fill your home, to fill your relationships. Do you wish it to fill the essence of someone you are asking for? Let it come now and it will do so.

Perhaps you would like to communicate with Joy? And yes, we have Joy here tonight! But the essence of Joy, call to it. It does not take many rituals. It takes your calling and your intention. Ahhh, and when you call to Joy, I am there, because I bring you my golden bubbles. Fill them, feel them, they are filling every essence of your being! Is there a situation that you would like more Joy?

Call to it. Or perhaps Joy seems far away or unreachable.

It is not. Just call to it.