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“Compliance” – GCR/RV SITREP – Thursday – September 21, 2017

“Compliance” – GCR/RV SITREP – Thursday – September 21, 2017

Humanity is now in a real window to finally achieving its sovereign freedom. No other way to explain it.
The USNs were released.
The Congress was by-passed.

So any day now, any way.

The US military has been in a position since the markets closed on Wednesday to implement martial law if necessary.

The Chinese have enacted a release strategy that GUARANTEES an American RV in the month of September–as to set up a new Eastern world aligned global governance starting in October.

This includes the removal of Trump and Netanyahu. As well as Kim Jong-un. Anyone blocking progress no matter how public will be removed.
The cabal dies in September… permanently and forever. Sobeit.
Think about that statement of fact. In your lifetime. With revaluing currency in hand. Historic stuff and you’re actively participating Pre-RV.

So let’s talk about life Post RV.

There’s great responsibility with great wealth. You know that.
You also know to lay low for a few months until you learn how to handle everything.

We’re hearing the redemption bankers will be asking you how much money you need for the next 90 days in this spirit.

Here’s what you may not know.

It’s difficult giving away money. Beyond the moral responsibility, there’s a legal one that puts the onus on you to ensure that funds go to people and projects who will do no harm.

Compliance is the mechanism that not only protects the community, but yourself and your family.

The Human Angel Services (HAS) has a compliance mechanism already developed to ensure that your harvested RV funds go to do no harm projects as well as maintain eyes in the prize after initial funding decisions have long been made.

This is the primary reason Post RV to joining the Human Angel website and movement as a dynamic funding source yourself — on-line compliance.

Seems like a small thing, a boring thing, but when you’re moving that much money too so many different parts of the world, all with their own laws and customs, a reliable compliance portal becomes a critical tool in achieving your humanitarian goals with a peaceful heart.

Post RV responsibilities to yourself, home, family, community and country changes radically and permanently… overnight.

So you must change with the times or get steam rolled by the times.

You’re going to need help understanding next steps of how to safely and competently proceed. We all are.

Best to do as a member of a group all going through the same thing until you’re up to speed on what this blessing actually requires to manage and enjoy.

Please sign up today and encourage your friends and family to do the same at

Together let’s join forces in on-line community committed to helping each other navigate our blessed but burdened new lives.

God is with us