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Conversation with the soul of Charlie Chaplin via Li in China

Conversation with the soul of Charlie Chaplin


Chaplin: Some humans find me. That’s surprising. Are you a spiritualist? So you can connect with anyone as long as you want to? Anyway, nice to meet you, Li. I am an alien for earth actually. I came from a 7th dimension planet in the universe, a powerful creative planet. As to how I came to earth, in fact I still don’t know it yet. Maybe I rushed into some space gate by accident. I guess so. Otherwise how did I get into some place like that?

But it is also an experience for me. Not bad. I have to get inside the system on earth. That’s to say, I have to reincarnate and be born as a human and take things as they come. My incarnation brought me some earth life experience, which made me began to see the planets that live in pain were plenty of in the universe. Earth is one of them. Beings here almost all live with great suffering. They don’t know what happiness is. I felt sad and pity for them. I want them to be happy and get rid of those pains. These factors combined with my energy feature allowed me to become a comedian who brought positive and joyful energy for them. My life there both had pain and happiness. My sadness came from the dark phenomenon of humans while my happiness was generated from my creative work that made them laugh. Life should be filled with happy energy.

Li: How did you go back to your planet, Mr. Chaplin? And can you tell us some stories about your home planet?

Chaplin: Happiness is in fact a simple thing. It is a type of positive energy. It appears when you do something that complies with your soul. This kind of energy is an appendage to other positive energies. It is a common state for high-level beings. When environments don’t fit the being’s state, one cannot own any long lasting happiness unless he jumps out of that condition with guidance from the soul. Humans do not know any rules of the universe. No wonder they didn’t have any perpetuating happiness. They may get some momentary joy out of primitive carnal desire satisfactory. There is endless pain supporting behind it. This unhealthy life should be eliminated soon yet I don’t have any rights to prevent it. The only thing I can do is to bring some happiness with my thin strength.

Let’s talk about the pain now. The theory is similar with what I mentioned above. No big differences. There are many different pains but only very few of them are positive pain. Most of them are generated by negative energy, which kill human healthy cells and make human life shorter. Some more severe one will kill the soul energy. Human emotion decides their life. Therefore I want them to be happy.

The 7th planet I stay on features in creative. We citizens love creating and we have created countless things. Though creative energy is everywhere in the universe, we are still special.  We don’t create based on something but create something brand new. My planet is famous in our Galaxy. We will supply other planets with what they need and created by us. Generally we help those planets with a lower frequency than our without letting them know. We don’t want to interfere too much.

Fog is our living forms with few material things exist. But we all live in development. The universe is in development. Well, how did I come back to my planet? That’s a good one. It is more interesting than I coming to the earth. The reason I come was part of my inter-space traveling. However, my return is another thing. I was in fact send back by high-level beings to my home planet. It is a lucky thing. I paid attention to by those high-level light beings on earth. I was almost attracted in some reincarnated plate on earth and a mercy Bodhisattva saved me from it. I don’t know her name but I appreciate her so much. Earth had given me an amazing experience. Thanks for the earth.

Li: Your story is so fantastic. Thanks for everything you’ve done. Another thing I am curious about is that why all your movies on earth are mute?

Chaplin: I love creating and the things I created were surely different. Otherwise how could humans remember me? But there are some other reasons too. Language on earth is a simple direct communicative method. Voice can also conduct energy but there is limitation for it. All my films present energy by physical gesture avoiding vocal conduct. Energies present by physical gesture are more comprehensive. Humans have to be concentrated or they won’t understand it. This compulsory power will bring them into my energy field. It is simple yet penetrating. Voice analyze is more close to human life but it can also easily disperse my energy. Power of creation will eliminate it. That’s why human loves my films. Moreover, my body gesture was good at extending energy since I was doing it from the bottom of my heart. I want humans to return to their happy face in the universe.

Li: You brought more than just happiness for us, Mr. Chaplin. And what you’ve done are more things than a comedian can do. Thanks, Mr. Chaplin. Thanks for the universe. Thanks everything!



Translation from Chinese to English: Da Shuai

Editing of English: Per Staffan



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