Love is our new reality

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Cory from the Pleiades via Paula Forss, May 18, 2017

Cory from the Pleiades

via Paula Forss

May 18, 2017

More and more people are now discovering and responding to the possibilities of creating what intuitively feels right to them. More and more of you discover that you can connect with others, reach out and make a difference, with the help of good intentions. Courage, freedom, love and joy are waking up, and still more courage, freedom, love and joy. More and more people are discovering and are now able to more clearly see, maybe to their own astonishment, how the powerful, unified power is leading to positive changes and how it is spreading and starting to blossom, as people meet and unite around light, positive and loving intentions and desires.

Maybe you are now beginning to understand, with even greater astonishment, that those you thought had a great responsibility within society, and those you thought were powerful and had the authority to make changes, are not even getting close to doing so. In addition, you have started to understand that those in power are not even holding the intention to change. They are beginning to reveal themselves. Playing with power, around which everything revolves, is getting painfully clear. The talks about peace, justice and improved living conditions are just empty words. They are trying to take hold of the leashes, by which humans have the tendency to believe they must be lead. The more people in the pack on a leash, around every power unit, the bigger end those manage to create for themselves to hold on to. Nothing else will count, last or be of any value. Truly, the masses of humans leashed by their masters, are doing the job and they are fighting other masses powered by other authorities. The bigger and more aggressive the masses, the bigger chance they have of winning the power fights and the more dangerous those fights will get. The more desperate the fight over the number of leashes, the clearer the play will get for you to discover and look through it. And the bigger chance you will have of discovering your own freedom and your own possibilities of creating a harmonious, lasting and happier world, without having to be led by other people.

This will increase your understanding that everything is no longer up to anyone else than yourselves, to create the world you desire. If you sat down waiting for someone else to create it for you, you will have to wait forever. To believe that the power lies outside of yourselves is to still be living in the illusion in which the rulers and the dark forces want you to exist. It is the prerequisite for you to continue laying your power, strength, trust and your expectations in their hands, which is their nutrition and ways of power. This is when you have put the leash on yourselves and handed it over to someone else to lead you and thus also to determine the borders of your living space. It will get colder and the cold will feel more bitter and freezing, when the ice is showing up and the ice crystals start freeing themselves and splitting apart. Nevertheless, the cold and the dark are moving upwards and away from your bodies and minds, and they are leaving the planet. During this phase, the cold can still feel tangible and real in a way that partly also makes it feel new and strange. When the ice still stays hidden, compact and quiet, the cold will be more integrated, habitual, more unconscious and well hidden in its being, both collectively and individually, and thus harder to recognize and move away from.

Where the ice is melting, new cracks in the surrounding material are beginning to form. The old patterns get challenged and they loosen up and stagnations are put into motion. The dark and negative can be experienced as growing and more frightening than before. This is not the case. Only when something is moving in front of us and is getting into our view, can we see it and start considering its existence. Movement and change are stirring up the old, and feelings of chaos and confusion are common. Unsettled beings who need stability and predictability, are sensing the discomfort, and they want everything to be calm and peaceful again.

Trust this breaking up of the ice and let the changes take place, as they are leading you towards a warmer, more harmonious and lighter world. Not to flow with the changes usually means one will choose to carry the old patterns and try to recreate that which formerly existed. In this case that means a much lower, more dysfunctional and less conscious level which you, both collectively and individually, at present are nearing a possibility to rise from. Trust that you will stand tall and safe, despite the world is changing and you along with it. Do not cling to the old, but be open to the gifts this will bring you, to have courage to take in the new, to choose light and love and to dare to grow and change.

Mother Earth is cheering the human breaking up of the ice, and the freeing now happening more rapidly on a larger scale. Finally, you humans are starting to understand that you, by holding on to the old, by settling in the narrow labyrinths of society and by trying to influence by using negative powers, energies and tones, will only stain your own mind, your own and our common world, with darkness, anger and frustration. Finally, humans are waking up and are finding the harmonious strings to play, so that the positive sound that will inspire others to take part and do more with the same loving sound, will spread out to more and more people, with the speed of light.

With this massive spreading and the deep awakening of humans, the dark can in the end no longer stay in power and keep its upper hand over humanity. That is a physiological, biological, psychological and astrological impossibility.

As the dark loses more and more of its grip and the breaking of the ice is breaking up the patterns you thought you had to live by, the fellowship around light, joy and love among people is getting deeper. The recognition and the acknowledgement of one´s own inner freedom and understanding of the enormous responsibility every individual is holding for the energies and harmonies one chooses to stay in and send out, will increase by the day. More and more are deciding to connect and are beginning to co-operate with others who have chosen to work for the light and love, the open, loving, unified embrace is growing even more enormously and the spreading of the light is becoming more explosive.

Now it is close. Trust and walk in love and light! We are with you every step on the way and we are working with and for you!


Note: Translated from Swedish by Aslög Bergman