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“Crash Position” – GCR/RV Overview – Thursday – May 4, 2017

“Crash Position” – GCR/RV Overview – Thursday – May 4, 2017

Well, nobody said the liberation of humanity and infinite humanitarian wealth would be easy.

But with everything now being thrown at us in the mass media, it’s death by a thousand negative news stories.

It’s as if the cabal is forcing us all into final landing crash position with our heads between our legs looking at our smart phones praying for an 800# email.

Below is a just a quick sampling of the many distractions we’re all being forced to endure on a daily basis:

Middle East Peace
Two State Solution UN Resolution
Government Shutdown
Omnibus Spending Bill
Health Care Reform
Pre-Existing Conditions
Freedom Caucus
Tax Reform
Immigration Reform
Federal Judge(s) Reverse Rulings
Sanctuary Cities
Border Walls
President Trump’s Tweets
Emoluments Lawsuits
Looming Impeachment Evidence
Trump’s Tax Returns
Weekly New Executive Orders
Dakota Access Pipeline
North Korean Nuclear Weapon Testing
China’s Currency Manipulation
59 Tomahawk Missile Strikes
Syrian Chemical Attacks
Venezuela Riots
Puerto Rican Default
Russian Hacking
FBI Director Comey
Daily Televised Spicy Press Briefings
Weekly Administration Resignations
New Supreme Court Justice
Hillary Clinton’s Election Excuse
Jared Kushner Saves the World
Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line
Steve Bannon Unofficially Quits
Liberation of Mosul
French Presidential Election
European Union Drama
Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats
Obama Returns to Public Life
US Senate Sequestered on Busses
Bill O’Riley Fired
Jimmy Kimmel’s Sick Baby
Fake News
CNN’s Countdown Clock (for everything)
Anthony Weiner’s Classified Emails

… and the list goes on, and on, and on …

The question is do you see the benevolence of what the NPTB are actually doing with all these distractions?

Yup, it’s their plan not the cabal’s.

Can you see the NPTB cluttering your conscious mind with so much garbage news that the heaven they’re rolling in (the RV) cannot be seen when introduced as it’s impossible to detect with all the noise coming from every possible direction?

Quietly, new facets of the RV are being introduced and implemented daily and nobody even notices.

Batch T1 USN Sales Made For Global Sale (which pays for the 2017 Federal Budget)
Rising Sovereign Rates on Front Screens
Zimbabwe Re-Introduces National Currency
World Bank Debt Removed
African Development Bank Debt Removed
Iraq Takes Dinar International
IMF Starts New Fiscal Year
HSBC Unifies All Credit Facilities
SWIFT System Removed
US Congress Approves Puerto Rico Debt Relief in New 2017 Budget & $38B Israel Defense Budget in Exchange for Two State Middle East Peace Compromise

Get it?

Their showing you constant chaos with one hand, but delivering massive and historic reforms with the other. And they are using the mass media to hypnotize you–just as the cabal has always done, so that nothing will appear “out of the norm”… they are just feeding us a lot more of it.

And when I say a lot, I really mean a fuck load more. But you can’t say fuck.

So the flash bang strategy designed to “cover up” this global financial transition is working, which means every news story you’re being bombarded with is indirectly related to delivering the RV as we blog.

Thus makes focusing exclusively on just your redemption nearly impossible, thus making the overall exchange environment safer for everyone.

Less attention = less traffic = less danger.

This way even if you decided to broadcast that the banks are giving away trillions upon trillions of dollars, nobody would listen nor care. There’s just too damn much going on!

So as the RV now arrives by the hour, all be it slowly and in targeted segments to make it appear less conspicuous, the endless flow of breaking news stories keeps coming to absorb mass attention.

And will sadly well after the private and public redemption periods.

This “look at something more shiney” strategy disorients the human brain, even shuts it down from the desire to focus on any one issue–organized A.D.D. If you will.

That damn breaking news graphic and theme music is just too intoxicating not to follow. Trump alone is like a train wreck that derails five to ten times a day. Not watching him implode in real time is un-American at this point.

So as the RV roll outs, and it is, no one with currency in their sock drawer has a realistic chance to realize what’s really going on; also no one casually interested in the RV will be following an event that has been years in the waiting, with zero guarantee of performance.

The modem world, collectively, has not the attention span to “follow such fantasy” because they are way too focused on making a living versus waiting for some grandiose pipe dreams to ignite.

Sound about right D-Land? Yet here you are… attentive, focused, alert, awake. Chosen dare I say?

Still, there is something to catch everyone’s interest in this flood of mass media news. It’s an impressive full onslaught of pulp fiction and fake news, isn’t it?

So follow the noise if you like. But I’m choosing to step away as to maintain my sanity and focus on what really matters.

The liberation of humanity and harvesting of infinite resources to create peace and prosperity for all mankind.

God is with us.