Love is our new reality

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Cyron the Pleiadian via Iris Kaehler, November 4th, 2017

Beloved Light Beings,

I am Cyron and I greet you! Once again I get in touch to remind of the fact that we stand on your side. Cyron has prepared and is with many other Pleiadians on the spot to intervene always then when it is necessary. Because we are masters in directing of energy and have a lot of experience.

Our job consists furthermore in supporting the earth and its inhabitants and in accompanying. Because upheavels can show vibrations and produce massive changes. Our technologies correspond to the highest standard and are applicable in a fraction of the time. Everything happens to get you space with it you can develop. Thus don‘t look back. Emerging a new life in a changed world of full love.

The signs stand well for your changes and the manifestation strength rises daily. Let the old things go because you know: There is no more holds in things which aren‘t conducive for the time. Dismiss them in love. The soul basic principle of an embodied person is to find out itself and to develop. And in consideration of the time quality, the substance and 5 – dimensional adjustment is less sometimes more.

The essentials count, not the quantity of the things. Listen to your soul call and connect with your wishes. The movement of everybody is a progress and change. You are an individual expression of embodied God’s substance. A lot of coinage had kept you from being in such a way how you are actual. In 5 – dimensional existence everything is different and the impressions and experiences need a familiarization. Enjoy in your existence and in your way.

Cyron, and many space brothers – and sisters are accompanying your awakening. Nothing lies to us more with the heart to see you in full joy and in unity. Now, during the coming weeks we lay out lighting grids. They shift energy and prevent devastating behaviour. We flood the atmosphere with small balls of light and substances of purification. Everybody is going to get another shift and a flow of the new order.

In bigger and bigger manner light is integrated and processed. Consciousness movements take place and you are someone else than before a few moments. Cyron would like to help you at this point. With the words


you are able to make easier your adaptations to new energy streams and to changed perception. Cyron is of full joy, because we never before saw so many lights which move. Cyron gives you his blessing for your other enterprises in the light and thanks for your being. You are the light on earth!“ – Channel: Iris Kaehler – Shared per request via email.