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“Dance” – GCR/RV SITREP – Thursday – August 31, 2017

“Dance” – GCR/RV SITREP – Thursday – August 31, 2017



The last weekend in August really matters.

Kicking the RV can down the road is growing dangerous as an even more powerful hurricane is develop in the Atlantic.

Sadly starting catastrophic weather events is not difficult if you have the knowledge to do so. The cabal does certainly. Ask the levys of Houston and Beaumont Texas.

The Republic does not want to start these redemptions with children back in school and heavy traffic on the freeways.

The Chinese don’t want to start these redemptions with currency traders back at their desks.

The Elders don’t want to start these redemptions without enough time to hydrate the world economy before the 2017 holiday season.

It feels like, it seems like, Trump is going down this week. If so this means the RV will come forward. Gotta be. No other explanation for holding back the Mueller investigation.

So is this our weekend?

There is a bank holiday on Monday after long weekend where nearly everyone gets away one last time before the summer ends. Perfect distraction.

There’s a fiscal year 2018 budget crisis looming Sept 30, 2017 and there’s no healthy reason to cut the release of the USN so damn close.

Congress returns on the Tuesday after Labor Day. So their not being around for the RV would be optimal.

Redeemers having two good months to settle in with this new sudden wealth before the holiday season could jump start the global economy would be enough IMHO.

We know the RV is coming. They deny there is an RV. The cabal acts as if they are still relevant. We know they are dead. Trump acts like all is well. We know Trump has resigned via a Pence pardon.

September 1 starts at midnight on Friday night. The month is represented by a 9 numerically, which means completion and death.

The new fiscal year starts next month and is represented by a 10 numerically. Which means new beginnings.

Until then we will continue to dance the RV dance. Sobeit.

We shall see. We shall see.
God is with us