Love is our new reality

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“Deal Fatigue” – Intel SITREP – 12:00 EST – Sunday – February 26, 2017


“Deal Fatigue” – Intel SITREP – 12:00 EST – Sunday – February 26, 2017

Received via email at 12:00 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The goal of the NPTB has always been to wear down the will of the cabal through steady and unrelenting progress. ​Like running water eroding a mountain. They knew that constant pressure was the only way to eliminate the beast from any participation in the inevitable new world of love and light.

​When each of you jumped into the RV vortex it was an individual choice. However, few knew what it would actually take to redeem these currencies because even fewer knew that all GESARA mandates had to be achieved first.

This created unprecedented timing expectations for currency holders, which created intense deal fatigue realities, which created heightened sensations of anxiety, animosity even anger, which lead to hyper desperation and ultimately caused most to emotionally drop out of believing in the RV or a better future for humanity. Some even burned their currency or just stopped being alive.

So if you’ve made it this far, perhaps you’re willing to go just a little further to complete your own circle of experience. ​Just know the world has no other choice but to RV, and you are part of this world waiting on permanent and sustaining change, aware or otherwise. Sobeit.

Secretary Mnuchin’​s​ Sunday interview revealed nothing new. It was done for the global market makers to ensure another ​”​up week.​”​

Citibank’s website being down Saturday at midnight exposed the fact the London based bank has been either turned over to the Chinese Elders or sold by the Rothschilds.​ We’ve heard reports of both happening simultaneously.​

“Citi” BTW is a tribute to “City of London” which was under the sovereign control of the Rothschild banking dynasty, who reported exclusively to the Dark Nobility Pindar.

It’s now safe for every major American bank to intake​ old​ currency and exchange for new currency​​, which wasn’t the case ​as midnight Saturday–so we could not have RV’d under any circumstance. And technical​y, we still couldn’t as until after 5am EST on Sunday morning.

Citibank’s back of the house technical architecture was converted all this weekend and was a extremely necessary aspect to beginning the RV and releasing the new USN currency. Few know that Citibank was not only the third largest bank in the USA, but also the last cabal holdout major bank to accept the new financial system.

The ancient wind subtly blowing through Donald’s endless Trumpet will no longer have any meaningful resistance in Congress. ​Just know that Donna is reading from a prepared script each day and must accomplish certain goals to achieve his amnesty.

America’s compliance responsibilities for GESARA will be implemented quickly now. The new USN currency is but one part of this ​enormous international treaty.

Change is going to come so fast and so constant now, people will feel like they’re on a wild roller coaster​ if they don’t already.

Obama holds a much larger roll with regards to the RV roll out, still, than anyone wants to admit or even knows–but General Dunford knows. So do the Chinese Elders. Hmmmmm. That’s new? Not to the RTC family.

Maybe Dr. WC’s belief that while true Commander Obama may have stopped the RV over hundred times, his actions were always done as benevolent acts designed to protect the opportunity for regular people, so that the cabal banks could not steal their funds right out of their accounts a la the Wells Fargo scandal.

If you want to follow the RV as it happens live, keep looking your favorite banks website. As there will be no formal or public announcement launching the RV. And the private redemption period will just begin suddenly without warning. Poof. Here. Call. Redeem. Saga ends. Humanity wins. No drama. No fanfare. Really higher intelligence ​strategic planning ​ stuff​ here kids​.​ So rare air, it’s invisible to the masses and will be in perpetuity. Tres cool.​

Some bank branches will now also be handling private redemption responsibilities. Why? Hiking rates late created unexpected currency gifting of smaller currencies, which created more initial exchange volume via currencies like the IQD and VND, which regular banks could process.

So to relieve the stress, smaller capitalized regional banks were added late to reduce major bank and off-site redemption center flow. ​

Plus it was just better for the economy and country to spread the wealth out to more regional banks. Maybe that was always the plan at the very end. Hard to tell. But there’s no way to hide the RV now… too many rank and file bank employees have seen the new “plastic” USN currency and/or been trained on how to process reevaluating currencies.

Everything having to do with the ZIM will be separate from all other currencies, and handled by HSBC exclusively with military oversight. Think of the ZIM like economic kryptonite to the cabal’s hopes and dreams of Zionistic utopia. So it needs to be handled very carefully, safely and most of all quietly as not to rock the mass population boat.

Hence why Citibank’s inclusion was so critically important.

Also, we know the the UST has given final release instructions to the paymasters for performance Monday morning.

As for private redemption timing, any moment. As for screen rates, higher than your thinking. As for sovereign rates, to much is given much is expected. Be smart.

As for post RV enjoyment of your life, depends more on how well you’ve prepared your internal spirit not your banking acumen. There’s still to to surrender to God’s Will in place of your own.

Be very careful folks what you believe to be true. Because belief literally creates reality, not false flag events, bogus media induced circumstances or blatant political fake news.

God is with us.