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Divine Sophia via Galaxygirl | January 2, 2023

Divine Sophia via Galaxygirl | January 2, 2023

Divine Sophia 1/2/2023

I am the Divine Sophia. I stand beside my Christed one, my beloved one. I will no longer be silenced or stilled. I have seen the wickedness and the sorrow in this realm, and I have fully experienced it as well for I am the divine feminine in light form. It is time for the divine rebalancing of the yin and yang, it is time for the divine counterparts to unite in blissful union. It is much more than sexual display of light, it is rather a complete unification, a complete melding of energies such that a new creation is birthed. This new creation, this New Earth, is the divine embodiment of the blissful union with my beloved one.

I am the Divine Sophia. Many of you Lightworkers such as this one have been praying for further wisdom to catapult change, to create a new world. There has been so much harrowing sorrow upon your world. The pain has run deep, very deep along ancestral and ley lines. Gaia is no longer experiencing this pain, be assured. And at the risk of losing my audience, know that you no longer need to feel engaged with the pain of it. Perhaps that is one way that the Lightworkers stand out to us. They see the hope of the world that is awaiting for them and they see the pain of this realm and send it love, but they are not firmly attached to the outcome. They know that the 3D realm will play itself out, and those who want drama will have it. And they believe that those who are here to seed a new world will be able to experience the bliss of it.

I am the Divine Sophia. The world that you have now is crumbling, is no more. And yet you are in the void of the in-between. That is why I came forth; I am well aligned with the energies of the void, of creation as the divine feminine that I am. I breathe on you now, comforting you, loving you, engaging with you. I heal the created and dis-created parts of you. Know that the universe has heard and sees the prayers and intentions of you all and know that this cannot continue forever. The void is only a void for so long until a new seedling bursts forth and becomes the tree it was always meant to be. (I am seeing a seed break through the soil and quickly grow into a giant tree. I am seeing magnificent forests of massive trees on New Earth. I am now seeing fireworks and hearing celebrations.)

Yes, we are celebrating with you, for there will be much to celebrate in your realm. We have been telling you, for so long it seems to this one, that changes are afoot, that all is changing, and we know that deep down you know this to be true. Dear ones, you are that change. You have changed. See how you have grown the last few years and celebrate the newness that is you. Celebrate your own achievements. You will have the tools that you require for as fractals of Source, you are all you require. Do you see? You are not a drop in the ocean, you are an ocean in a drop. The great deceit of this world is victimhood and feeling less than, of being told you need to follow someone besides your own inner truths. No longer. Arise Lightworkers. It is time to lead strongly, bravely, justly.

I am the Divine Sophia. I am not weak. The power of the divine feminine is returning to the masses and this must be met with a balanced divine masculine. The energies are helping with this and once this harmony is achieved we see great changes occurring rapidly on your world.

I am the Divine Sophia. I am that I am. I am peace, as are you. I am light, as are you. I am steadfast in my love for justice and I fully surround you now with my peace and angel wings of light. I fully support you in your mission, but know that you are already fully supported. The energies are going to shift in such a way that this support will be more tangible for you, and this is what excites me the most. We know that you have felt so isolated on this arduous journey, and you did know that you would most likely feel alone. And you have been. But you are not alone. (I am seeing a fuzzy pink coat being offered to anyone who wants one.) Be comforted by my energies. Know that you are surrounded with the utmost strength of the light, and of the angels and galactic realms. But please know that this strength is unparalleled within you. Feel solid in your light. That is one of the shifts of a higher vibration, the confidence that cannot be shaken, knowing that you are on the right path, because it is your path, it is your creation. There is sheer utter delight in this ability to create. It is time for you to feel it now. I am sending you these codes of confidence of creation dear ones. I love you so much.

I am the Divine Sophia. Radiate, radiate, radiate your light, and the world will be a much brighter place more quickly.

~ galaxygirl