Love is our new reality

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“Duality, Patience, RV/GCR” – Guest Post by Bob T


Entry Submitted by Bob T at 12:58 PM EDT on October 15, 2016

Some personal musings, “Duality”, “Patience”, “RV/GCR” 10-15-2016

Definition: Use the adjective musing to describe something that’s reflective or thoughtful, like your musing diary entry or a clown’s sad, musing facial expression.

Each day I wake up it appears I know more and more about less and less. But each day I continue to look enthusiastically for my “truth”.

These musings is for entertainment only. If there is any truth in what is written here it is by my own insanity, coincidence or accident or all of it.

Before I begin my musings let us take a brief look at the duality we have been living in, and some of what is being said in the context of the changes we are all sitting on the edge of our chairs joyfully creating and waiting for.

1. The cabal is still in control. No, the cabal has no teeth left.

2. The illegal US Corporation Government is still in control. No, the US illegal US Corporation Government is bankrupt and no longer exists.

3. The illegal US Corporation Government is still in control of our US government. No, the Restored Republic is in control of our US constitutional Republic.

4. The FED (Federal Reserve) is still in charge of our money supply. No, the FED is dead and its assets have been transferred to the Restored Republic’s US Treasury.

5. General Dunford is dead. No, General Dunford is very much alive and well, and he is doing his mission to bring us freedom.

6. Hilary and Bill are saints. No, they are not saints in any stretch of ones imagination.

7. Hilary is going to steal the election. No, Trump will be president. NO NO, there won’t be a dog and pony show election.

8. Iraq is the center of the world RV/GCR. No, that is an illusion.

9. The currency we are holding for our exchange is a scam. No, the currency we are holding is not a scam, and ZIM is the big winner.

10. The RV won’t happen until 2017. No, the RV will happen much sooner than that and will arrive, “Like a Thief in the Night”.

11. There is no RV/GCR. No the RV started last week. No It will be announced tonight, thats what my mother-in-law told me today.

12. The world can go on just as it always has; there are no real financial crises that can’t be solved by the good old banksters. NO, the global financial situation cannot and will not continue under the “business as usual” paradigm. That paradigm is dying in this very NOW moment.

13. The world will never change, because my friend Jack, or my mother-in-law said so. No, I don’t believe that worldview, how much joy does that view bring one?

14. Are we all insane? No we are all moving into the the new world of non-duality. A world that is based in freedom, cooperation, abundance, creativity, ONENESS and LOVE. There is only ONE.

15. There are 100’s more examples, but you get the drift.

Now enough about duality.

What I have written below is NOT RV Intel. I am NOT an RV Guru, I am NOT smarter than anyone else, and I do NOT have the “TRUTH”. All I have is my “truth”.

What is interesting as I read the mountain of posts from various “alleged” sources of RV info is I am seeing that in the last weeks or more, far more posts are not really useful RV Intel but rather guest posts from people who only have opinions and/or complaints, are disgruntled, or are negative dis-info agents. But most importantly IMO, many posts tend to bring our joy, and anticipation level down instead of up, is this by someones design and intent, do these ones want the rest of us to be as miserable as they are?

Having said that, we should all appreciate that there are some valuable Intel news reported by folks that have a loving and humanity based intent, whether it be from this world or another world, and they do their best to keep our anticipation and joy level high. A big thank you to those awakened ones!

What seems to be important triggers for the RV/GCR is the posting of the 800 number(s) for currency exchange and for the US the public announcement of the Restored Republic (NESARA), for the world GESARA. These announcements (Intel) is what we all are really waiting for and will see at the exact divine moment.

FEAR of the unknown is our worst enemy. Whatever Intel is “out there” we each have to rely on that built-in BS meter and internal resonance guide that comes from outside the 3D matrix to give us OUR individual “truth”. With approximately 7 Billion people on the planet that is a lot of individual truths, but so be it. Such is the illusion of duality that we are all separate beings. What a virtual reality game we play. Are we having fun? Are we in joy? Do we stay in joy or do we allow others to bring us down by their own negative shadows? Are we excited that this Illusionary game is coming to an end? INDEED WE ARE!

What else needs to be said? We will see these changes; there is absolutely no shred of doubt in my mind that we will. But the when is not my call. If there is one key attribute that duality has taught me it is PATIENCE! What an important lesson that is and has been.

A couple of relevant quotes from Mark Twain;

“Prosperity is the best protector of principle.”

“All good things arrive unto them that wait and don’t die in the meantime.”

Well lets celebrate these very interesting times we are living in and observe the great changes that are taking place for the good of all humanity and beyond. The planetary alignments and the cosmic energies are preparing us to handle these powerful energies and the changes ahead for us all. So for me its time to partake of chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake with chocolate topping. Love to one and all.

“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” ~ Oscar Wilde