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“Dubious Sources Create Skewed Information” by Ron Giles – 10.24.19

“Dubious Sources Create Skewed Information” by Ron Giles – 10.24.19

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 8:09 PM EDT on October 24, 2019

I am not going to delude myself into thinking that anything I write in this post will change the runaway narrative of useless streams of dubious information that has permeated a lot of the reporting on IDC. This dubious information has now become an IDC narrative that builds on concepts and ideas that are contrary to and skew the truth.

Reference: Judy Byington’s Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 20, 2019

Comment on Judy’s reporting;

Judy reports on the information she gathers from many different sources on the internet. That means she is only parroting/reporting on what other people say. In her disclaimer, she mentions that it is up to the individual reader to use their own discernment. Taking everything, she writes as being the truth goes against the disclaimer. It is wise to read the disclaimer from time to time to keep this fact in mind as one reads the post instead of just skipping over it and going on to the new information being reported.

Thank you, Judy, for your efforts and willingness to do a great service to IDC readers. You are appreciated and revered for what you do.

That being said, let’s dive into the fray and see where it takes us. First, Let’s take a look at what one segment of the following report has to say in Judy’s post on October 20, 2019. My comments will be in red italics

1. There have been very heated meetings in Reno. There are those in Reno (like Mnuchin) who do not want Tier 4B to go. They know they can’t stop it but are trying their best to slow it down. There are those in security and the White Hats who are not legit and who don’t want this to happen. The Powers That Be do not want us in control and don’t want us to move forward with humanitarian projects.

Reno is not activated yet and is not involved in the decision-making process of the RV. The decisions are in the hands of the Alliance in coordination with the Chinese Elders and Grandfather. When our funds are determined to be safe; the RV/Redemption will take place without prior notice.

2. The military changed protocols, procedures and policies, and that has created a bottleneck that is very hard to get out of.

The Military is a dynamic responsive organization and fully capable of making changes in response to the enemy’s moves. They are not a bottleneck. There is no room for blaming anybody. We are at war.

3. China is tired of the hype and all is being moved from Reno to Hong Kong. We are hoping that by this being transferred to Hong Kong that a lot of the bugs, politics, and quibbling is stopped. If Hong Kong is taking it over it means the 2% fee will not be paid to the US Treasury.

There are no designated headquarters for the RV in any city. When the decision is made the 800# will be released and the RV/Redemption will begin everywhere in the world at the same time. All go or no go has always been the mantra and still is. All RV/Redemption funds will go into the QFS. The QFS is not a bank, it is a Financial institution in service to mankind. There will never be any fees or taxes on our funds, not even the payments from the structured payout interest payments. These funds are for humanitarian projects and no entity will ever tax these funds as income tax. NEVER!

4. There was a group of the Chinese running some work through Reno, and someone in Reno stopped them – they were stopped 4 times. This week they put something on it that led to a specific computer and person who kept stopping it. He was arrested. They tried again and a 2nd person was arrested and did it again – now we are waiting to see what happened. Interpol was brought in by the World court. Second time Interpol made the arrest.

Speculation only with no supporting info, only drama-useless information.

5. We know many of our calls go directly to Trump and Chairman Xi – They know what we are saying. We don’t provide intel – we provide information.

All information calls are monitored but not by Trump or XI or another world leader, they have other work to do. The Alliance keeps track of all conference calls to see what damage is being done. Damage = crimes = Criminals = jail time= justice.

6. You give a zip code where you want to exchange. Then you tell them if you have Zim and/or currency. If you have Zim will be transferred to a live person at Redemption/ Transition Center, you will be going to and they are the only one who will get your name. When you arrive at your appointment, you will complete an information sheet about who you are. Next, you will meet with those who will do the actual transaction and they are the only one who gets your name. Then you will request to meet with a wealth manager.

When you call the first 800#, you will be given a new 800# to call to make your appointment at a redemption center near your zip code, or an authorized QFS agent bank. The use of Wealth managers will be a choice you make on your own if you think you need one. I will not be using any bank-sponsored wealth managers. They are involved with making money for their clients which is against the rules for Exchange/Redemption funds. Most bank associated Wealth Managers have no training in humanitarian work and thus are not a good source of information or counsel. A person with an MBA degree, one who has expertise in structuring a business model, would be a better source. Reason this out; If wealth managers were so good why is it that we lightworkers are getting the money instead of governments, banks or their wealth managers? We are the ones who will do the heavy lifting of mankind out of poverty and lack consciousness. We are the pure in heart, not them and that is why we have been given the opportunity to serve.

7. You will set up insurance with your Wealth Managers. The Cabal isn’t going to get your money because it will be re-insured and because it will go directly into a Treasury account and encrypted.

This statement is not true. Get a grip on the amount of money we are talking about; there are no insurance companies in the world that can ensure trillions, quadrillions, or even quintillions of dollars. Treasury accounts are country-specific. The QFS is worldwide. All funds are to be deposited into the accounts you set up in the QFS at the redemption appointment. Treasury accounts will not be used for any reason to receive our funds. There are 209 countries signed up for GESARA. There will not be just not just one treasury out of the 209 countries that will have sway on what goes on for the rest of the world. This paragraph is just ludicrous and is not consistent with the whole world view of the RV. This information is obviously from an American’s point of view. As a German, would you rather have your funds put into the AmericanTreasury or the QFS?

8. Zim: Chinese want 1:1 without projects requirement. The US is the only country required to have humanitarian projects. Right now, no one knows the rates on currency because the rates changed last night. We heard .11 cents to .37 cents – but that doesn’t mean that it is true. We won’t know until we go in.

Who did you hear that from? There are no pre-planned or contract rates that will apply for any Zim Holders. If you hold currencies and are in a group you may be subject to contract rates for the group, but the Zim Holder’s rates we will receive are a component of our experience, our humanitarian projects and what we ask for.

For those wanting to be involved with Love Won Society’s Programs, the interviewer will have been briefed on the programs and will know what you are wanting to do. This will be in addition to any other projects you are desiring to do on your own.

Reference: “Part 5/5: ICCH, the Mother of all RV Projects” by Ron Giles – 4.25.19

You will get what you ask for, so don’t be shy in asking. They will give you what you will need regardless of the amount of Zim you hold, perhaps a rate as high as $500,000 per Zim will be appropriate to cover your projects. They are on our side and will pump enough gas (money) to get us to our destination.

9. There is no hold on transactions. You get money same day.


10. The Debt Jubilee will take care of debts. Those on Social Security will get a raise. Aid will be done away with and different types of programs will be created. It will take a year or more to phase in everything as well as explanations.

The word here is, “transition.” Things will happen at the appropriate time when transitioning from the old Central Banking system to the new Quantum Financial System.

11. Emails will come from HSBC, WF, 5th 3rd and couple of other banks. Treasury won’t be sending any emails. HSBC and WF set up the Redemption Centers. Canada, Mexico will be different banks connected to HSBC.

We will not be notified of the RV by email unless we have signed up to receive it from websites such as IDC. This could be a potential trap. We will be given an 800# that we must call on our own. We can compare the 800# with other sites as the numbers will be the same.

Only HSBC and agent banks and agents of the QFS will be involved in any exchange/redemption and the funds will be deposited in the QFS by the agents.

No bank will receive direct funds from the Exchange/Redemption unless you initiate the transfer yourself at the appointment. The Central Bank system is not a secure location for our RV/Redemption funds. Use them for convenience only for your own personal needs, debit cards, etc.

Zim Holders will always have complete control of their funds received from the structured payout with absolutely no taxes or fees of any kind allowed. This process is the way of GESARA compliance for all countries. NO FEES, NO TAXES!

No GESARA compliant country has control over the QFS or your money. And, if a country is not GESARA Compliant they will not be part of the QFS. Currency/Zim holders will be in the QFS but the non-compliant country(s) won’t.

12. It doesn’t matter which bank you go to, to exchange and even some Tier 2 banks will be involved. Rates will be the same and you will be treated the same. There will be people in centers that won’t be directly associated with WF. You will be dealing with private banking side and will be opening private banking accounts and funds will transfer in 10 seconds. The people in centers will actually know something.

This statement about banks is not true. All transfers of funds will be an account to account transfer within the QFS. The QFS is not a bank. There will be a phasing out of all Central Banks and their banking structure during the transition to the new financial system.

Zim benefactors will take over the old bank structure and pay all overhead and payroll and turn them into Financial Service Centers. With this in mind, asking for the higher rates may be your saving grace and allow you to participate fully in the humanitarian efforts that will accrue to benefit of mankind.

Tellers in Financial Service Centers will have access to your QFS accounts without knowing the totals. There will be absolutely no profits involved in banking activities, it is against the rules. If we are prudent in our approach, the public will not suspect what has happened. Hopefully it will be a seamless transition from the old to the new.

13. I don’t know when this will go, maybe by the end of the month. I don’t think it will get out of next week or this week.

This is speculation only. I hope it is true but a lot has to happen before the RV takes place including the cessation of all wars including the war against the Cabal structure/agents. I personally don’t expect the RV anytime soon. Maybe by the Christmas Holidays.

14. If China takes over is it automatic. They have threatened Treasury before. So many promises made and not kept. China doesn’t trust Trump, Reno or process any more. Reno said the other day that someone tried to hack QFS – so what? Happens all the time. It can’t be stopped – will have to allow it through eventually. No one can tell if it is moving forward. They can talk about secret and private – it will come out no matter what. These things are said as a means to keep people quiet. I have been at this a long time and seen a lot. Right now, Chinese have threatened and are already doing it. Reno is the Western Treasury as far as the restored Republic. IF Hong Kong does it, there won’t be any American politics.

There are no politics involved in the RV process. It is purely in the hands of the Alliance. Any other speculations are an attempt in creating an alternative narrative meant to detract from the purity of the Alliance plan. Hong Kong, Reno or any other alternative information is just diatribe and is used to deflect the truth to give doubt as to the real plan unfolding for our benefit.

This is military precision at its highest level, nothing is left to any individuals or Cabal established organizations. We are secure at a level never before known to mankind. Trust the Plan!

Concerning Mark Z.

Mark Z gives us the message that we should consider what he writes as his own opinion. If this is a directive then it should be noted that most of his sources have historically been wrong and should not be taken seriously by him or his readers,

NOTE: A disclaimer is not a license to deceive and pass on misinformation or disinformation with impunity. Doing damage is an offense that will have negative repercussions for the offender. If one does not do the due diligence for a publically published post, they are still held liable for what they say. The whole chain of persons publishing false information will be charged with the crime, similar to the getaway driver of a bank robbery, he/she is complicit in the crime.

Mark has a way of associating with individuals like Michael Cottrell, and perhaps other unnamed individuals, who lack the basic knowledge of the RV process. His Zurich connection, for example, is totally unreliable. We were told many weeks ago that he went through the exchange and could see his money reflected in his account but he did not have access to it. Was this a lie? Zurich is the bedrock of the Cabal organization and has no business being used in the same sentence with the RV. Why does Mark Z continue to report on what this individual says?

I do not dispute Michael Cottrelll’s impressive credentials with his Cambridge connections as touted by Still Hanging On, and others, however, I do dispute his knowledge of the basic facts concerning the RV. He only talks about banks but seldom about the Quantum Financial System which is the financial system of the future. One should stick to his field of expertise instead of using his credentials to establish himself as an expert in fields he knows very little about. Didn’t the Rothschilds send Kim Jun Un to the good ole boys Cambridge University to learn about M-K Ultra for a nationwide experiment in North Korea? With their intellectual pontification, they have very little to offer the people of the world, especially with respects to the new financial system. They are out of touch living in their cold Ivory Towers. IMO, Cambridge is not what they want us to believe it is.

My blanket statement about Michael Cottrell is that his expertise does not bleed over to information concerning the GCR, the RV, the new Quantum Financial System, nor NESARA/GESARA and the Restored Republic. His knowledge in these areas is sorely lacking, and any qualifications in other fields should not make his lack of knowledge in these areas a reason to pretend his opinions are true or even relevant – they are not. He does not even understand the difference between gold-back currency, asset-backed currency, and the gold standard.

Expectations out of Reno, South Africa, Hong Kong, Zurich or any other City are irrelevant and useless information. There is no RV correlation with a proposed Treasury Department move to Reno. They were never a part of the RV nor the Zim Redemption. Nobody there has anything to do with decisions to be made by the Alliance and the Alliance alone. With all the false reports coming out of Reno, it is apparent that they are not connected to the Alliance in any meaningful way. They have no inside information that is salient to the real RV process. Claiming there is a correlation, is misinformation or disinformation and should not be entertained by any Zim or currency holder.

Believing in lies may disqualify one from the higher rates available. If one can believe in such bad information, they may give in to ruthless left-over Cabal types; like bankers, wealth managers, government officials, etc. Would you trust such a person to make good decisions with trillions of dollars? Anyone who talks about banks playing a pivotal part in the RV process is raising up a false flag. True agents of the QFS are under an NDA, they don’t talk about it.

When one does Not Know & Understand the RV Plan, one gives useless, meaningless Skewed Information. This is obvious to those who have been around and have a better understanding of the plan.

Give your best efforts to the plan and avoid the drip, drip of useless information that is constantly coming at us. Anybody and I mean anybody, who continues to publish expected dates, and when it doesn’t happen, continues to set new expected dates, is a fraud or is supporting a fraud. Those who buy into this diatribe just because it continues unabated are not being wise.

The PLAN has a very strict set of separate circumstances that must lineup at the same time for the release of the 800# to happen. Not even the decision-makers know when it will take place. Even if they did know, they would not let it out beforehand. We should know this by now, but this is a military operation and will always have military deception as part of the strategy until the enemy has been defeated. Get used to not knowing stuff. We are the next phase of the PLAN. We wait for our turn when we and our money are safe and secure.

Avoid burnout, keep your sanity, stay under the umbrella of protection, and quit buying into these false flag prognosticators who run up a new flag every time they get it wrong. They may be doing damage to you personally.

The foregoing is my informed opinion. For those who resonate with this message, RUN with it. If not, just ignore it.

Ron Giles