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“Earned” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Thursday – June 22, 2017

“Earned” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Thursday – June 22, 2017

Good Morning America,

Somehow nearly 66 million of us took the Trump red pill last November and legitimized him as our leader and American President.

That really happened.

Most to all Americans regret that truth today. For we as a nation continue to consciously choose make believe over reality.

Has anyone ever stopped to think just how absurd the Trump Administration is as a serious international political body here to serve our nation’s best interests?

Or why a mildly popular senior TV reality star became an American President without even winning the popular vote or having a pre-election background check?

Did it occur to anyone that a “Legos” movie franchise executive producer is now running the US Treasury… and is suddenly responsible for 25% of global GDP with literally no government work experience?

Has anyone spent anytime considering it odd that a retired brain surgeon was also suddenly made head of HUD (Housing & Urban Development) with literally no prior job experience either?

Would you let anyone operate on you without at least going to medical school?

Or that a notoriously pro-Putin former Exxon CEO is confirmed as Secretary of State when a Russian election meddling “witch hunt” runs so criminally rampant?

Please don’t even get me started about America’s most overrated son-in-law, Jared “The Kush” Kushner being given the task of solving Middle East Peace after 100 years of conflict?

I vomit in my mouth just thinking about that overt fraud.

Oh, and can anyone please explain why an entire sitting senior White House staff has retained outside counsel and things carry on per normal?

Morally, should a sitting US President tweet incessantly about anything personal, let alone national diplomatic matters or negative media stories offered by meaningless talking head detractors?

And why should we trust Trump if his own national intelligences services won’t trust him with sensitive classified intelligence anymore regarding the country he supposedly runs?

How far off course have we as a nation traveled in terms of being a community of “concerned and educated” citizens?

America is lost. And Americans have grown historically apathetic to truth.

Folks, in my brief time here on this earth, I have discovered one very simple truth: we get what we earn–vibrationally–good and bad, right or wrong–whatever we put into the universal manifestation mechanism is exactly what returns in the end.

Meaning, the blatant and bold faced lie that is Donald J. Trump as an organic, serious man running the once strongest military and economic nation in the free world is what exactly what we have earned.

That is a sad but true fact, and we are all to blame based on our results. Sobeit.

Soon, maybe even this morning, our collective orange nightmare ends.

And the grand cabal social experiment of chaos bringing order that is the faux Presidency of Mrs. Trump ceases to be our shared reality. I pray it so.

Stay tuned to your HDTV’s and internet news sites America… word from several media sources is that there will be a “hanging” before the weekend and maybe even later today.

No matter exactly when Trump is made to resign in shame, it should be a very memorable and historic period in both US and global political history.

A very harsh period that we as Americans have earned.

God is with us.