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Elleaih, Druid Priestess via Galaxygirl | March 18, 2023

Elleaih, Druid Priestess via Galaxygirl | March 18, 2023

Elleaih, Druid Priestess 3/18/2023

Greetings beloved humans. I Elleaih, Druid Priestess am speaking through time space as this one has opened a wormhole to connect. Time is a fabric, a living malleable construct. We create with it and are not bound and constricted, just as you will learn or relearn this mastery when this time is fully aligned.

(She is a beautiful young blonde woman wearing a gray cape with a hood. There are wildflowers woven in her hair. She is smiling). Yes, I am young, galaxygirl, and I am young enough to know my part has not yet been written, for I am the author of my fate. The Druids are now little known in your realm, although more often times thought of during your St Patrick’s Day celebrations, which are not what they seem. The Druid people lived simply, in full harmony with the earth, with the Mother energies of green and living waters that renewed and cleansed, of the fires that burned and were our areas of communal gatherings. I love when the elders meet under the starry skies under the glow of the fire, especially when interesting and pivotal space alignments are in play, just as now in your world. There is much talk of alignments and gateways, equinoxes and portals. We knew the ley lines of the great Earth Mother. We felt them, we feel them now with our bare feet as we walk across her. She is our mother, and we honor her sacrifice. Earth would have ascended long ago had she been an uninhabited planet. But she chose to be the playground for much experience and as such her learning has increased many fold.

I Elleaih am speaking. The women are treated well in our community circles. There are priests and priestesses. We teach our children how to honor the divinity within all things, and we are very much in rhythm with the life that surrounds us. I come through today to bring you a message. Watch the ley lines. Learn the ley lines. Connect with the ley lines. The ley lines of Earth are interconnected with the star maps. The star maps are realigning to recalibrate for the incoming light frequencies. Earth is leveling up. Finally you will be able to interact with the mystic kingdoms that surround you that have been long veiled by time and forgotten memories. We work with the fairy kingdoms closely. They are very active upon your New Earth. I am speaking from thousands of your years ago as we have created a time spiral, and so Earth still feels new to me. It is before your Romans invaded and the land is still pristine and green, with no cobblestone roads to scar the landscape. Here we walk with bare feet, careful to leave no trace behind except the monolithic stone circles that you still know today. These were our meeting places, our shared ceremony sites. Here the earth is still pure and green and fresh. Here we are still communicating with the fairy kingdoms, with the elves. Here we feel the breath and heartbeat of the Mother.

But I reach out to you now for this chapter is changing. Your chapter on your current earth experience is going to change – dramatically quickly. I have seen it in the stars and the waters have told me their secrets. The time of the rebirth is here now for you. It is an exciting time to be alive. I would wish to see it but I feel what you are sending me galaxygirl, and I see the turmoil and discord. I see – you are showing me the divorce that has occurred within the hearts and heads of men. I know that I am about to enter a dark period of time in our history, and I know that you are entering a time of light in your next chapter. Pressed wildflowers still retain their beauty. You are feeling pressed on all sides as your society struggles for breath and yet, there is beauty there on your now earth, I see. There is always beauty. There is always peace in the midst of great sorrow. Great sorrow and great love are often intertwined.

I Elleaih am speaking to you, as a Druid Priestess, as a friend. (She is mixing herbs together and grinding them into a green paste.) Shall I apply it for you? (She is applying it to my heart and my forehead. She then reaches into a cooled fire pit and sprinkles ash on my head and hands.) Do you feel the peace in this moment? You have been cleansed by the fire and have stepped through. We use ash and wildflowers in our ceremonies often. There is much beauty to look forward to. (I am seeing all of the ley lines on earth light up and glow, pulsing with the heartbeat of the earth.) Yes, it is time now. The light workers are activating the grid further, so much further than they know. You are doing so much more than you know.

We Druids work with the Pleiadians often. We seek their guidance and when the stars are aligned in certain formations we feel their vibrations and interact telepathically with them. Just as I am energetically engaging with you now. Telepathy has long been silenced for the power that it had was too great. But it is reawakening again. There are many, many more channelers now in your time than there were even 5 years ago. And so it will continue.

I speak for the Mother. She is ready to go home to the higher dimensional vibrations. We are creating an energetic bridge from the time of the ancient ones to the modern ones. This one was once my father. It is interesting and joyful to reach out. We are all serving in our own time space continuum, we are serving the whole. We are honoring the Mother. You are honoring the ancestors and your own true path. The vows of the Druids are not broken. We have fulfilled this vow to connect. We are igniting your current ley lines now with the strength of the ancient earth. May your grids be fortified and your smiles confident. It is achieved. It is done. I Elleaih am speaking. I send you my love, through time space. May we meet again.