Love is our new reality

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Elthor and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, September 26th, 2020

Elthor and Alisheryia 9/26/2020
I Elthor am speaking. Much turbulence is upon your surface world. Strong currents of change are guiding with divine will. (I am seeing a school of fish swimming within a layer of water protected from the waves above and the strong current below. They are in a water bubble of sorts enabling them to swim strongly). The currents of change are such that nothing will be the same. All will change. For underneath the choppy waters hums the divine current of goodwill and positivity.
I Elthor am speaking. I wish to address the men undergoing this metamorphosis of planetary rebirth. All will need to be reborn; ideas, philosophies, assessments of strength will change. For too long has the inner strength of men been dimmed by constant oppression. This is to change. In the twisting of male and female had come great confusion. Inner strength must be rebuilt, cultivated. (I am seeing complex irrigation systems of rice fields, being carefully tended). In order to grow one’s field and prosper the farmer must carefully tend to the crop. Men, carefully tend to the crop of your minds. Become aware of your inner thoughts that are unloving. Women, support your men in their metamorphosis. For this is a painful rebirth for the wounded masculine energies. It is painful for when one is aware of the wound only then can the light fill it and the healing process begin. Society has done great disservices to both sexes including confusion and lack of inner awareness. One must block out the surrounding noise and see gently and clearly with the eyes of the heart. The heart sees true. Men, it is time for your healing so that you can serve and lead hand in hand with your female partner as equals, as lovers, as friends.
I Elthor am speaking. Society wishes to tame men, to weaken them so that they can be further subjected to control. This must end. The wild passion of an unbroken healed masculine is a sight to behold, for fiery protection and love when balanced by the cooling waters of a receptive, loving female is a rare bond indeed in this realm. The wounded masculine must wake up and see his woundings and send them light. For in the light we find our healing.
I Alisheryia am speaking. I am most eager to lend my cool blue fire of illumination into the hearts of the wounded men so that they can in turn create inner healing and partake with equality the partnerships they resonate with. The female longs for her male to be strong and sure, steady of heart where she can rest in this safety. Do not misunderstand; I speak of equality, not passivity or subservience. From our vantage point we see the inner turmoil of the sexes. The great healing is at hand. The time of male and female Nova Gaians embracing the future together as equals where the innate strengths of the male and the female are equally honored and cherished is the coming destiny. We see balance. We see healing. We see passion. We see reunitements.
I Elthor am speaking. I honor my beloved’s voice by listening to her. There is so much surrounding noise in your world it is easy to lose sound of what needs to be heard and what is just distraction. I honor her will. I deeply admire her beauty and uniqueness. She in turn gives me strength for she sees the best in me. She gives me courage when all hope seems lost. There is nothing I would not do for my beloved. But a wounded man would find offense at loving council, thus fracturing further the communication, the friendship being offered. Wise counsel is to be pondered. Only those with heart wounds react with fire that is misplaced.
I Elthor and I Alisheryia speak as one. We are privileged to serve Gaia and we once again pledge our service to the light. We breathe upon your crowns now both the red and blue flames of the divine masculine and feminine. For there is each within each body and realignments are to be offered. (I am seeing energies of red and blue fire spiral together in an intricate spin descending through my body. I feel my head burn and it go all the way through me. Suddenly I’m famished, now nauseated). Allow the energies to do what they must. Feel the balance, the solidness of these energies. Now offer this upgrade to Gaia and to all upon her. Be the living light of one who has achieved deep inner balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Feel the raw power of both and know that you are both. In the many lifetimes that you have had you have been many things. You have had many unique relationships. All is learning. All is in process. The dark have had their day. The healing of this realm will flourish when the sexes are balanced, when men and women find their voices and lead from their hearts for now is the time of the divine unfoldment in this way. You will see something new in your world; female lightworkers shining brightly, supported by the balanced males as pillars of strength alongside of them. This is a joint effort. For ascension to be achieved the intricate inner workings must all be in sync. To achieve ascension within the body is a great feat.
I Alisheryia am speaking. Elevate your consciousness so that you can feel what we are showing you from a higher vantage point. Send love to the parts of you who may feel steamed from our message and know that you are all things. Find comfort in that. In one lifetime you may have been extremely unbalanced and had to make corrections in the next to find your way. Inner harmony, inner peace. The abuse of the wounded masculine by the dark ones is ending. We are seeing to that. We ascended dragons have been clearing and cleaning up alongside of you warriors almost nightly. And you wonder why you are so exhausted! You are helping in more ways than you know. Warriors must be compassionate, and yet strong, again, balance. For when a warrior loses his compassion he or she can lose their way to their heart, and this would make us question any victory for the cost of this cannot be overstated. Now is the time of nurturing, of cool waters. Of loving feminine hands healing and holding the hands of the wounded men who have been working so hard against crumbling and crippling structures that emasculate, mock and undermine them. Female humans, remember the rice patties. Remember the deep water channels nurturing the crops. Your words, your love and you yourselves are this nourishment, it is you who shall offer them their pathway to healing. The Christed light of the divine feminine and masculine is a continual loving cycle of offering and receiving, of protecting and nurturing and of always loving the other with the eyes of one who sees clearly with their hearts. Feel, expand, become. Dance in the newness of possibilities of the future as you create it together, as a balanced collective who has deeply explored the darkness and is now exploding into light. Feel the change. Lead with love, holding hands in divine union. As one collective it is possible to do this, challenging, yes, but very possible. Utilize the red and blue fire spirals. It shall assist in the coming days. It shall help you regain your center. We are Elthor and Alisheryia speaking as one. Peace.
~ galaxygirl