Love is our new reality

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Elthor via Galaxygirl with video, August 3d, 2021

(Elthor, do you have a message for us today?)”
Yes, human. What is it that you think the human ones need to hear in this moment of planetary change?
(I think they need to hear about peace, for it is hard to find in this moment.)

I Elthor am speaking. I bring you fiery light codes of ascension this day. Peace is within. You will not find it outside of yourselves, the great mystery. Peace can be obtained within any situation, for when one is at peace one flows with the divine breath of the All That Is, of the Creator. Much – much turmoil we see. I speak as one with the Ascended Dragon Collective that this one works closely with in her ascended dragon self, just as many of you do the same.

 Many of you are partners with us within your human or your ascended dragon form, it is true that you may or may not remember. But we see a quickening in the remembering of the human who is on the ascension path. Many are not on the ascension path as you believe them to be. All have their own path. Ascension must be chosen fiercely, deeply, firmly with every moment. Every moment upon the earth plane is an opportunity for either ascension or descension into the murk and mists.

The realm of shadows is dissolving into the realms of light. There is a great separation that we see occurring. (I am seeing the peeling being taken off of the orange.) Much like the peeling of the orange has to come off to taste the fruit, so too the myths and disease of this realm must be removed so that the truths, the inner nourishment can be revealed. (I am seeing the orange being separated into many segments. Every soul is on their own journey, each segment experiences the origin of itself differently, all are different points of view.)

I Elthor am speaking. Human, what you know and what you think you know and what you should know are entirely different. Your realties are being stripped bare and no longer will the dark truths be able to hide. (I am seeing the orange being squeezed into juice. Just as the orange can change form, it is still the orange, the juice is a part of the orange but in a different form. Juice can be shared more easily. I am seeing juice being poured into many cups.)

The flow of light that is coming to the earth will be expansive, all will feel it. Not all will be able to  absorb the juice. Many will not drink but all will taste. (I am seeing the orange grow until it is the size of the sun and it becomes light. I am feeling that this blast of love light is very close, very nourishing and will help all to either feel full and complete or they will be dissolved by it.)

I am Elthor. I speak as one with the Ascended Dragons. You must awaken your inner dragon, who is accustomed to the light shifts and the fiery currents. Much fire is on your realm. Fire can be holy or it can be untamed. Tame your fire. Hone it. Develop it. Breathe it. Be it. Be the light that you are of the divine sparks. Sparks can start fires or they can smolder for a while and go out. Do not let them dim your fire. There will be much smoke. The realm is crumbling.

I Elthor am speaking. This one wished me to discuss peace. Peace is internal discovery, inner work. The embers are inwardly at peace in the midst of the heat they know who they are and they hold their light, they hold their power. You are the embers of the bringers of the new. Know your place. It is of light. It is of the higher vibrational realities that are piercing the darkness of this realm with blazing tenacity, fierceness. Use the word you wish, human. It matters not. Dragons are not much for words. We are much for action. We are much for light, for flight, for change. We are bringers of light codes, of changes, of upgrades.

We enforce the will of the All That Is with great love and patience that is unbending. (I am seeing them fly around the earth in a great cyclone of rainbow light. These ascended dragons are all brilliantly colored. Prisms, diamonds of light fractals are sparking from their patterns as they fly so fast around Gaia.) We partner with humanity. We partner with the ascension of Gaia and all upon her. We are the Ascended Dragons of the higher ways, bringing our codes, our talents to Gaia as an offering of peace. For this realm has not known peace, true peace for many a cycle. A new cycle is beginning. Humans write books about peace, write music about others bringing them happiness but truly it is to be found within.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We have been quiet for sometime with words but not with action. We are creatures of action, of deep passion and creativity. We have been creative with how we share our light and power with this realm. We send you your own individual dragon egg of awakening. Do you see it? (I am being presented with a crystal rainbow hued dragon egg and I see there is a crack on it, it is wiggling, shaking and there is new life inside.)

These are the new codes of dragon activation. Plant them in your heart space in front of your wings and feel the beat. (I feel the crystal egg beat in rhythm with my heart. It feels wild and strong and free.) Freedom codes are online now. It is time to fly. Human on the ascending path, feel your wings beat against the strong winds that blow. (I am being shown a rocky cliff and there is mist below, I cannot see the bottom of the chasm.)

 Do you see what we are showing you? It is time to fly. A new world is being created. Of course, the old must crumble away. Dragons fly well through the mist and shadows for we are guided by our own inner knowing. Our keen senses are linked with our heart, with our own higher selves and we fly boldly through the darkness for we bring our own light. You, human. You are doing the same. These are uncharted waters and skies for humanity. This is why you are strong enough to manage them. Awaken your inner dragon sight of the higher dimensional ways. Flying is the fastest way to get through this time. Fly above the energy waves. Fly above the mist and shadow and you will see clearly for you will see with your hearts, with your own inner dragon sight, filled with the higher dimensional energies. All is being transcended, raised up. The all that you knew is no more.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Nurture your crystal dragon egg. Communicate with it. Sync it up with the crystalline human that you are in the midst of becoming and partner the realms. This is a great partnering. This is a great collaborative.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We collectively harness our strengths. We work as one. We are stronger together. You humanity are much stronger together. This is why the fracturing of your human realm has been so calculated. We are dragons of many sizes, types, scales, colors. Yet we are all united in our purpose, in our passion for service. It would do well for humanity to come together in this way. We see this as happening now.

The beginnings are well underway. We see many changes after the pain of the fracturing. Remember your inner peace. Remember your inner dragon. We have said enough for now. We are not here to speak. We are here to offer codes and action. These are the times for change. Expect them. Embrace them. Fly through and above that which pains.. and develop your own inner healing through your inner god breath, your inner light that shines so brightly in the darkness. And know that you came human, you came for this. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective of Gaia’s awakening. Peace human, peace.

~ galaxygirl