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“Exchanges Near” – Veritas Report, November 10th

“Exchanges Near” – Veritas Report – 11.10.16

Entry Submitted by Veritas at 2:59 AM EST on November 10, 2016

First, a comment on indicating and organizing sources via number. No chance. This is all happening right now so pointless. Did make me smile, though.

Second, Yosef, you can slam truth down my throat any day. It does make one angry that we can’t exist in truth; that we are forced to go round and round in a circle of self-perpetuating lies. I believe it will slide in as it has in the past, eventually reaching a not so clear point of being acknowledged, but probably never in the direct way but getting there in effect.

So, if that’s how it is, I am going to take the reality of it. A staffer advises me that Trump has been fully involved in the release plans today. So, puppet or no, he is weighing in on the side of “let’s get this done”. The 800 registration number release will be done before the weekend she says. I am going to anticipate it any time, but Friday’s numbers are (11th month 11th day year 2016 totals to 9), so possibly they will target that. At least it is pointed in the release direction and not back to a major delay.

The thought of even one more day is agonizing for many. However, if you are participating, then know this; take it as it comes. You can’t change it, alter it, force it, convince differently, or will it. Sit back, relax, and be productive with yourself while they prep. It is very difficult to get information so appreciate what I am sharing. I have a high level of confidence in this information.

I am so excited I find it hard to sleep. I can feel it coming. Floating out away from it all, I can see the Master’s hand and all the chess players are just that. The very highest PTB may think they rule the worlds, but there is one who knows it all. I choose him.


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