Father & Mother and the Crystal Kingdom with VIDEO via Galaxygirl, July 31st, 2018



Father & Mother and the Crystal Kingdom 7/31/18

Hello children, it is Father God speaking. I want you to know once again how proud we are of you, your mother and I. For as we see you continually expand, your heart chakras grow and we see you choosing love in more and more situations such that you are becoming that which you seek. It is always this way. Vibrationally, this is the stuff of the universe, vibration out equals vibration back. Earth is a learning school and a challenging one at that, where this lesson must be learned, and you children are learning it well. As you welcome more love into your heart space, you become more of it. You become more loving and as you open up and expand there is more room, quite literally, for Source to expand and to experience itself even further. I am your Father God. Come and sit on my knee and know that all will be alright, and that all is alright, more than alright. For you children are winning, are overcoming – say it however feels best for you. And we are with you every step of the way, your mother and I. I believe your mother wishes to say a few words now. Know I am with you always. I am your Father God.

Children, gather close to me that I might breathe on you, my breath of new beginnings and of the Christed light frequency of creation and oneness. I am you. You are me. We are one. Truly I see the weariness in your bones as you are continually transmuting and in service to the light and to each other. I see all things and I also see how rapidly you are assimilating these energies and transforming into even yet more light before our very eyes. You are going to start to remember and to release more and more of the ancestral stored pain – just let it go children. Release it and let it go to me for cleansing and repurposing. It need not define you or cause undue struggle. Ancestral lineages must be cleaned and as you are the genetic recipient it is part of your contract to clean and clear. Perhaps this is a prudent time to remember our crystal friends who are such an avid participant of this process of transmutation. Use the tools that you have been given and when you are too weary to take another step, come to me and allow my love, my breath to refresh your weary steps. I am your Mother God. Your father and I have created many a universe together and we truly think humanity is one of our greatest creations. We love you so. I am your Mother God.

We are the Crystal Kingdom! Shimmering, shining and vibrating high now with the Christed light frequency codes we welcome you to the New Earth vibration! We hold it within us now and if you hold us, you are holding a piece of this New Earth vibration that we are bringing to your current reality. Yes, we are very much alive and some of us have more adventuresome personalities than others. For remember all is consciousness, all is energy. Work with us. We offer our bodies, our frequencies in service to the all. Bless us in the moonlight monthly. Cleanse us in the cool waters of the mother. Send intentions of cleansing, healing, wholeness and balance and we will not disappoint as we re-harmonize your own frequencies and those around you. We are the Crystal Kingdom, always in service to the All.

~ galaxygirl