Love is our new reality

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Fear by Archangel Metatron, June 15, 2024

Fear by Archangel Metatron

by Natalie Glasson

Fear by Archangel Metatron

Greetings and love I, Archangel Metatron, extend to your being now. I am here to support you as we journey into exploring fear.

I invite you to inhale deeply, in this moment, and then to hold your breath for as long as is possible, and then of course, to exhale and breathe normally.

When you hold your breath, this is what occurs when you are experiencing fear. It is as if you’re holding your breath so your body cannot function in the way that it is able to. Even your mind and emotions cannot function. They are not experiencing the flow of energy and life force throughout your being. It is also harder to experience the divine vibrations flowing through your being.

When you are experiencing or engaging with fear, it is as if you have pressed the pause button, and you are suspended in that space and everything has stopped. Now of course your body continues to work, and you continue to live. Your mind and emotions continue to work also, however, it is as if they are working with less energy, less nourishment, less support.

Imagine if you’re holding fear in different parts of your body and your being. Those parts of your body and your being are struggling. It’s as if they are running on a low battery. They’re striving to survive.

It is not my purpose to shock you or to cause a low mood or thought process. I simply wish to encourage you to recognize the power that fear has over your body and being.

We have the opposite energy to fear, which is love.

Love helps you thrive, experience success, feel nurtured, access the life force energy and be surrounded with divine vibrations. It encourages you to live fully upon the earth.

Most beings upon the earth experience both fear and love…sometimes almost at the same time. It is possible to hold within your being, fear and love, and to switch from one to the other. It may feel natural. You may not even recognize the fear. You may not even recognize the love because you are so used to these energies.

It is interesting when you experience fear. You can allow love to be the healing remedy, but in order for love to enter into your being fully and be fully accepted, there is a need first to accept the fear.

When you experience love – the love of the Creator flowing through your being – it is natural that fear might arise because the love is encouraging you to move beyond boundaries and limitations, thus the fears automatically come up to be cleansed and recognized.

If you ignore the fears or push them to the side, then you allow yourself to exist within love, however, there is fear still present…maybe underneath…maybe hidden…and thus you are not able to fully engage with the love vibration.

There is a need to sit within and accept the fear, in order to experience greater love vibrations.
Fear can be overwhelming. It can cause numerous symptoms.

Love can also be overwhelming. It can feel too much. It can push you beyond boundaries and limitations. In many ways, love always activates the fear that needs to be released in order for greater love to be experienced.

By sharing this with you I, Archangel Metatron, wish to encourage you to realise that fear and love almost go hand in hand; they are helping each other, they are friends.

Fear allows the opportunity for love to be present, if you so choose.

Love allows the opportunity for fears to rise…to be popped as if they are bubbles…for greater love to be experienced.

The only negative part of this relationship, you might say, is if you are experiencing fear but are unable to call in the love vibrations.

If you are able to call in the love vibrations and willing to face the fear…to recognize it clearly…to see how it’s impacting your being…how it’s impacting your mind…to receive even a message from the fear…to gain understanding, then you will always actually be in a space of love.

You are only actually in a space of fear when you are not willing or not able to call in the love vibration or not willing or able to face the fear, and to understand it.

If you are willing to do so, then you are always experiencing love. You are always existing as and in the love vibration, even if you are experiencing fear. This means that there are opportunities for growth in every moment, for spiritual development, insights and enlightenment.

You may wish to recognize that you are always a being of love, resolving fears, releasing/dispersing fears. This puts you in a place of power that, even when you are experiencing a fear…however small or large…you are in a space of power knowing that you can resolve it and continue to exist in love.

The greatest understanding is actually to not fear your fears.

If you are willing to love your fears – to face them, to be with them, to understand them and let them disperse – you are loving your fears. You are in a space of power and growth.

Fears will always come to the surface, even when you embody the greatest volume of love that you have ever embodied. You may still experience fear, but fear will become a part of your relationship with love…almost like a friend that you know will return…but the more that you are willing to be present with your fears, the less that friend will return.

It is time to explore any fears that come into your awareness – to give them your time and your space in the same way that if someone who is hurt or upset came to you; you would give them your time and you would listen to them, holding the goal of support and transformation.

There isn’t really a set way of dealing with your fears. The greatest insight I, Archangel Metatron, can share with you, is to follow your intuition.

When you’re experiencing a fear – when you’re acknowledging and recognizing it – sit with it and listen to it.

What does your intuition guide you to achieve in order to dissolve this fear fully?

You are a powerful being and you know exactly how to resolve fear.

I, Archangel Metatron, I am present to assist you. I thank you.

I am Archangel Metatron.