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“Field Trip” – Intel SITREP – 20:00 EST – Wednesday – February 22, 2017


“Field Trip” – Intel SITREP – 20:00 EST – Wednesday – February 22, 2017

Received via email at 8:00 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Today, General Dunford reviewed, authorized and gave final acknowledgement back to the Chinese Elders that his US portion of the RV was “field trip” ready, willing and able to deliver upon their gifting requirements.

This means the USN currency horse can now leave the barn, the TRN car has long been road tested and all OFF SITE LOCATION boats are set and sea worthy.

The Republic military is a go. Republic banks are a go. And politically, our restored Republic is finally a go.


Turns out this global reset was as diplomatic and political, as it was financial and military.

And the world now waits on the geopolitical “go” to return from China–out to all nations–from the mountains outside of Beijing.

Know the Elders get hourly reports back from all different sovereign national situations and active participants as to where they stand in this benevolent and new world order coming out of the East.

This includes Israel and Ukraine–who are the last two misbehaving sovereign children at the RV dinner table.

But the Elders anticipated a few hard core cabal rogue nations would not relent under any circumstance, so they factored in a mechanism for dealing with such malcontents.

Sadly, Ukrainian and Israeli national banks, interests and people will be left out of all RV benefits until the Minsk Agreement is signed by Poroshenko (Ukraine) and Netanyahu publicly resigns (Israel).

Quite a stiff penalty for not conforming to GESARA compliance wouldn’t you say?

Expect to see a new Palestinian state to arise and become a Middle Eastern power, while Israel takes a massive step backwards in terms of their international significance.

The “Israeli Zionism Headquarters” experiment came and went in exactly 1 century or the blink of an Elders eye.

Know that a 1,000 plus years of peace, prosperity and abundance await humanity now with but one simple “走” or “zǒu” which means a return “go” in simplified Chinese.

Be very discerning now of all media reports from here on out.

Most to all main stream media is biased towards the old cabal agenda and/or complete dis-information in some capacity.

Ironic that Trump speaks truth about the “Fake News” when in truth he’s a “Fake President.” Netanyahu fell hook, line and sinker for the Trump Trap… wink, wink, nudge, nudge….

Remarkable times we live in folks. Utterly freaking astounding actually!

God is with us.