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“Finis” – RV Intel Update – Sunday – October 30, 2016

“Finis” – RV Intel Update – Sunday – October 30, 2016

Received via email at 10:25 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Aloha Currency Community,

Proceed today with great certainty in RV performance this weekend..

Control your mind and breath, choosing calm over chaos in every situation.

The RV release has been authorized and prepared for the first banking week of November 2016 for many years earlier.

This after 15 years (post 9/11/01) of undaunted preparation and implementation phases by both Chinese and European Sovereign Families, to counter the very serious Zionistic threat forming from a united but highly secretive common enemy.

The RV was initially released in the first banking week of October 2016 which starts all 2017 government fiscal first quarters.

The NPTB then used all of October to monitor their new financial system in day-to-day global transactions–including post RV revalued currency movement and secondary investments–this why global markets are stagnant.

All of these “test transactions” were conducted on a “back-of-house” computing screen that goes unseen by the public–by design–and includes public UN Operational & FOREX rate screens.

We know all tests have been concluded with all T1 (government), T2 (sovereign), T3 (private) transactions complete.

T4 (public) transactions have been reviewed and finalized, settled and now prepared for disbursal–including hand delivers via carriers.

Final release times vary, but the reality of an immanent RV release in early November (banking week 1) does not.

We know the RV must feel like an 800 pound gorilla sitting atop your heart everyday, all day, but because it’s the financial panacea for the world, the world collectively must wait together for warranted altruistic reasons.

Because in a but brief blink of Akua’s benevolent eye … humanity’s fiscal suffering shall meet its permanent end and scarcity of monetary resources will become nothing more than a faint, distant memory.

Keep an eye out for the TETELESTAI email.

God is with us.