Love is our new reality

Fire Salamanders via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, September 23d, 2020

Fire Salamanders 9/23/2020
Dark. Heat. Fire. Light. We are the Fire Salamanders of your inner earth, our mother. We burn neon bright in the hidden places, the realms where humans do not tread. Feel the coolness of her rocks. Our bodies provide our own heat and light.
We are the Fire Salamanders. We love humanity. We send you light from the inner hidden places. Your memories have hidden places too. Light needs to come there. We send light to you now. (I am seeing beautiful exotic neon bioluminescent salamanders with intricate patterns on their backs and faces. They are friendly looking, sending glowing light like prisms from their bodies. The light is heating the rocks. Then the light of the inner places spreads upwards to the surface grass where we walk).
We are the Fire Salamanders. Heat. Light. Flash of light. Prism. We see sparkly humans laughing. It will be good to feel joy again from the surface. We feel the vibrations from above and we transmute with our light, our love. We are steady. We feel Gaia. We work with her energies, calming, soothing the cool hurt with our heat of love. (I am seeing hot water bottles making sick people feel better. I am remembering my grandmother’s stories of hot oven bricks placed in beds for toasty feet on cool nights. They are smiling). You humans bring joy to so many. Bring joy to yourself. Our own light and heat brings us joy. We send heat and light to your hearts. (I am seeing rainbow prisms of glowing light flowing into the hearts of us, in a swirly vortex of giggles. I am smiling. I feel the spinning heat and pressure and a release).
We are the Fire Salamanders. We work. We rest. More rest. Rest in the coolness and feel our warmth of love for you. All are watching your transformation. We watch from the hidden places. Many are watching with love, sometimes amusement. But always with love. We support. We ground. We light the inner fire of knowing. Know your own fire is the power of your own belief in the good of things. In hope. In truth. The rest is illusion. (I am seeing a vast room of smoke and mirrors). Human friend you can get lost so easily on the surface with the deception. Our love is pure. Our light we shine for you, for Gaia. We serve Gaia. (I am seeing how they are warming her up and making her feel relaxed. I am seeing people rest in thermal hot springs). Yes! We like to make the cool water hot. In turn it cools our heat. All is balanced. Soon you will feel balance upon the surface an the inner friends around us can rejoin, reveal. All is flowing. We are here holding space for you. Soon you will do this more for others as they find their footing.
We are the Fire Salamanders. (I am seeing streaks of glowing bioluminescent light. They are running, trailing streaks of colored fire. They are happy. Then they stop, steaming. I am seeing a dim cave of rocky crevices dotted with glowing lights of the salamanders. The lights are glowing in the water on the floor of the cave. I hear the drip drops of the water. It is beautiful, calm, dark, peaceful. I see many pastel colored eyes staring at me in the darkness. They are happy). We are happy you are happy again. Your vibrations are rising on the surface. Our vibrations are steady. We see more happy soon. We are the Fire Salamanders.
~ galaxygirl