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“Fireworks” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Wednesday – June 28, 2017

“Fireworks” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Wednesday – June 28, 2017

SITREP dated yesterday. Received via email at 2:58 PM EDT today for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Sources are all in consensus were at the end of beginning.

As the fireworks go off each night after sundown in the US, and everyone is looking up, we’ll be driving into our redemption appointments experiencing a very different fireworks explosion–in digits zeros.

American military is on perpetual high alert. Dunford is getting diplomatic updates every few hours. He’s ready to perform on the drop of dime. If all goes as planned, you won’t ever notice the incredible level of security until you’re actually on site. We pray this is so.

American media is ready to present the Impeachable material on Trump (except Fox that’s acting as the antithesis of what’s really going on), thus providing the cover for the financial reforms. Trump AM, PM, & Midnight won’t allow the RV to enter into public consciousness AM, PM or Midnight. They also know to bury anything RV/money/Chinese related.

American politicians–House & Senate (but not Executive branch)–are fully aware of what is about to go down and will be removed if they in any way attempt to stop this or cause doubt. We’re told there’s an interview blackout for politicians during the RV as well, and maybe that’s what their July 4th recess is really all about, and why they will get the healthcare vote done on the other side as well.

And yes American banks (and military bases) are all prepared for these exchanges. We’re hearing there are as many as 25,000 exchange points in North America alone now. All banking tiers 1 thru 5 are participating as everyone wants in on these healthy cash deposits.

Cyber attacks are the only serious “stoppage” concern, and why Tuesday’s global ransomware attack was cause for rethinking some of the IT security features. How long that takes we don’t know but we think that may be the last hold up.

Last night at 10pm EDT we were told to be ready to receive and disburse the 800#s. Now that didn’t happen. We believe they were timing it up with The Big Call’s intel portion (which comes after prayers and before Boomer Boast).

We were also told they chose Bruce’s call because of the call time, audience size and transcripts of his calls carried on all the major currency websites.

Truth is several many will be getting these same 800 numbers, they are just trying to release it strategically for the die hards (internet group) is paying the most attention, in the greatest numbers, as to accelerate the start and finish of all estimated nearly 5 million private exchanges.

We’re hearing Monday July 3 is when all accounts will be made liquid everywhere in the world at any amount, any tier.

Thus earlier exchanges will be post dated and credit cards / 10k cash will be used in the meantime. Still would make for an amazing weekend.

The NPTB want all transactions to read as though they were deposited in July and principal originated after the summer solstice. It’s a Chinese thing.

Go with it.

His would sync up perfectly with the Fourth of July weekend festivities here in America–where we spot off Chinese fireworks to celebrate the sovereignty they paid for 241 years ago.

Also our markets anticipate very low trading volume on both Friday of this week and Monday of next week. It would be easy to track any traders trying to front run Tuesday’s opening bell.

Trump is waiting to be put down like an old, sick dog in a vet waiting room. He was a dead mutt walking before he even won the election. Now it’s just a matter of political convenience before Obama ends the orange/she/he/cloned misery.

Rates are ridiculously high and climbing. Ask for anything you can spiritually handle and then some.

It’s my opinion my humanitarian tests have been turned in. The arc doors have closed. And a flood of epic light is ready to pour into the dimension.

It’s ok to dream again. As only from our most sincere feelings can the greatest good manifest.

Mine dream was to heal the soul of the world. Seriously. Pray it into being every night. And not only do I believe it to be here now, I know with peace Yeshua’s gift to humanity has long been delivered.


God is with us.