Gaia via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, September 6th, 2020

I am Gaia. I am ascending in frequency moment by moment, breath by breath. The tides are my breath. The seemingly endless cycles of times gone by are ending. A new moment, a new time is beginning now upon my form. Precious children, you are holding the light so faithfully, so strongly that this is indeed possible. I am so in love with you. I am so thankful for you. (She is crying tears of joy). It has been so long, so long that I have been immersed within the lower dimensional ways and they have been suffocating my breath. This I why the dark ones wish to suffocate you, for in so doing, they feel they may harm me further. But they cannot. I am higher now. My inter-dimensional matrixes are continually expanding, growing, enriching all who are attuned to them. The skies are prettier, don’t you think? The children are laughing, playing in the streets again. Soon the streets will be paved with a higher frequency. Communities will be tight-knit. All will be in service to the other. I see this has happening imminently. I am working hand in hand with our beloved Prime Creator. I am fully in tuned with the Prime Directive of love. I am love now, I have achieved this form some time ago. Many of you are in the process of becoming love within a human form. I am love within a planetary body. My body is expanding, growing, deepening, and yet ascending simultaneously. For all is being progressed ever further towards the light. I wish for you to know that I am not in pain, that I am fully relaxed within this process. You are to do the same. It will be an easier transition for you, beloved children, beloved friends. For you are my brothers and sisters from the stars here to rescue me, and to rescue humanity from the iron grip of the descending ones. You must feel this, how truly grateful I am for you.
All is progressing along. The outer chaos can be quieted by a still and quiet mind, a heart that is at peace and solid in the light. Many masters lived during chaotic times. So it is for you. And so it is. The light transcends the darkness. Breathe with me. (I am seeing the cycles upon her, the seasons, seeds being planted, germinating, growing, harvested. I am seeing the cycles of the moon. I am seeing the cycles of the tide, the sun. I am seeing that all is like a very intricate interface of a clock with too many gears to fully comprehend. I am seeing that this clock is now itself a gear within another greater and bigger clock, and all is in perfect timing and divine planning and order. I am seeing a flash of light. All is still. All is suddenly I feel love like a thick blanket surrounding me. It makes me want to cry. I suddenly feel like I belong here, for this is what so many of us have been missing, this sense of love and of belonging. I am seeing soft rosy pink mist envelope me, envelop Gaia. I am seeing cities of light descend. I am hearing laughter, screams of joy, of reunion. All is light. Now all is green. I am seeing lush wet grass on my bare feet. I am walking on cool, wet, dense grass that glows green. I can only see expanses of green with light above it). Children we are close. Hold on. Hold on to me. Hold on to the hope that is within you. Hold on to love. Be the love that you are, that we are, and we will do this together! I am your Mother Gaia. I love you fully, completely, deeply, totally. Be renewed in my love, in my presence and let us begin a new higher more lovely adventure together. Do not fear the changes that surround you, for the outer world is crumbling away. The inner changes of the heart are to be your focus. It is your sacred sanctuary. You may reside within my crystalline heart at a moment’s notice. We shall heal together. I am Gaia. Be at peace.
~ galaxygirl