Love is our new reality

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Gaia’s Message for Earth Day April 22, 2023


Gaia’s Message for Earth Day

by Lee Degani



Dearest One, I am Gaia, your mother, your earthly mother. We are created, constructed of the same ingredients, of Love, of Light that is formed into the physical realm. You are of me and I am of you.

There are times that you notice that you have breezes flowing through your body. Or perhaps goosebumps or a chill. And I too, have my breezes as the wind blows, as the leaves rustle. All are to bring you the understanding, the messages, that we are one. And that there is a sacred communication between me and you. And that as the ultimate part of your divine self, you receive the messages to bring your thirst some water, you receive the messages to bring your body some nourishment, but there is also the nourishment of within.

Everything that you need is within your sacred self, just as everything that I need is within me. Are there times that I struggle and that I cry out? Yes, for I have not been always treated in a sacred manner. I have not had my beloved children listen to my signs, listen to my messages, listen to how I should be cared for. For as you mother, I provide you your home. You are within my body. For when you give yourself the opportunity to open up a channel where you may receive and you may listen and then you may take action, then you are truly honoring yourself.

Do I ever berate you? No. Anything that I do for you is of Love. And you say, but Gaia, Earth Mother, what about when you bring hurricanes and what about when you bring fires and what about when you bring a drought? My sweet children, this is only so I may come into balance and continue to provide a home for you. And why do these things need to happen? Just as your physical body needs to come into balance, so does mine.

Now, can we work together? Yes. Just as you bring Love to a dear mother, so you can bring Love to me. And in doing so, it helps to stabilize me and because we are connected, it stabilizes you.

Begin to pay attention where there is an ache, when there is a need to stretch, when there is a need to eat nourishing food. Listen. Those times that you wish to eat that which is not nourishing for your body, is only because there is something out of balance.

Go within beloveds and listen. Listen to what we are telling you. And it is only of Love. Farewell.

💕Love Gaia and Lee