Love is our new reality

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Galactic Center via Galaxygirl, June 20, 2020

Galactic Center via Galaxygirl | June 20, 2020

Galactic Center 6/20/2020

I am the Galactic Center, center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose galaxy. I am the still point, the center point. In times such as these of the great awakening, you too must find your still point, your nadir. I am the moment of stillness where thought becomes tangibility, for thoughts create, and you are mighty creator beings. I have known you all for eons of time, for we are eternal beings, you and I. I am a consciousness of being. I am the moment in-between moments, the spark of life of the in-between spaces. All galaxies have their center. All beings must have their center firmly located, firmly grasped and aligned with. You have been living in the age of Pisces in the age of the mind. You are moved now fully into the age of Aquarius, of heart centering. Let your heart be your own galactic center, still point, beingness. Let all you decide, all you say, all you are to be rotating ever around your heart space, for that is where your divinity lies. Your bag of skin and bones is a vehicle of experience, it is not who you truly are. It is an outward expression of the inward, but it is not all that there is to you. You are like me. You are many. You have been many beings, you have had many faces of all races and kinds. Your soul holds the stories. (I am seeing a clear glass jar filled with many shiny stones, each representing a lifetime. I am seeing that these jars are surprisingly deep that extends into the galactic center. I am seeing these stones being poured out into the galactic center, who is a repository for memories of lifetimes and intentions held within this galaxy).

I am the Galactic Center. I have found my center, it is the Christ consciousness, the glue of love that holds all things together. You come here in between lifetimes to formulate, to scheme up your next adventure and further ways to help this space quadrant evolve into love. You have had many hard lessons learned on this earth plane. It is a highly sought after place to assist, to experience and to learn to love in all situations. Many of you have experienced the darkness whole and completely. Your dark night of the soul has felt like many nights, many lifetimes. Let us place these painful lifetimes into the center of me and let us dissolve them into light. (I am seeing many hands opening up their jam jars and selecting the irregularly shaped dark stones. I am seeing these stones being dropped into the galactic center, which looks like a black funnel of ideas and intentions. I see rainbow light within the funnel. The stones pop up and out into outstretched hands and they are transformed into gemstones). Yes, galaxygirl. All experiences, all pain can be transmuted into light. You are the great transmuters upon Gaia in this moment. You are sorely needed, revered, loved. You are transmuting the sludge and dross into gems that will line the pathways of the cities of Nova Gaia, that will be encoded in the hearts of those who remember the lessons of the darkness but not the dark lostness itself. You are creating Nova Gaia with every intention of love. Align with me. State your intentions clearly to create Nova Gaia as one. Envision shining cities of light hovering in your atmosphere, for they are there, they simply need to be made manifest within your physical reality. They are there nonetheless. You are in a hive of activity of light. The darkness shrinks to nothing. The light overshadows the shadow, until it is no more, it is only light. You are the light, you are the rainbow warriors of form, of faith, fierce in your tenacity to love at all costs. (I am seeing every light worker strategically placed across Gaia, their rainbow codex illuminating and activating various geothermal and geological formations under their homes, their work places. I am seeing swirling rainbow light extending out from the lightworkers connecting to each other like a grid. I am seeing a bridge of rainbow light forming, enwrapping Gaia in rainbow light. I am understanding that we are the bridge. When Gaia is full rainbow frequency, which she is almost, we will be able to hop up in frequency as one. As I see this I am experiencing chest pain and pressure. I am seeing into the hearts of the lightworkers that are swirling rainbow orbs and I am seeing diamond hearts connecting deeply into Gaia’s diamond heart. I am feeling diamond crystal energy pulsing as a heartbeat all over her body affecting the ones who are tuned in. I am seeing the old fade away into swirling mist. I am seeing only rainbow light now. All is still. All is light).

I am the Galactic Center. When you are aligned with me your intentions, your meditations, your desires are more fully amplified for this is where masters amplify their creations. Envision the rainbow bridge. Envision the vision of light just stated. State and intend with all of your being to become a living legend of light, the true rainbow warrior that you are. Intend healing, intend the creation of Nova Gaia. Plug into the light codes that are streaming so faithfully and effortlessly from your Great Central Sun, Alcyone. Unite with your solar friend. (I am seeing and feeling light waves tingling through my body with more heart pressure and my body feels heavy and hot. I am seeing the light rays from Alcyone and our sun amplifying the grid of rainbow light the lightworkers have formed. I am seeing armadas of rainbow ships around Gaia and in her skies further amplifying this light. I am seeing now only light. All is light. I am feeling the truth in the mantra “I am light”. I am seeing that we are all one. For there is only light and it is alive, and it is us. The darkness is transformed by this living light, neutralized. They are gone. I am seeing the light remove all tears of sadness. It is a liquid healing light, massaging away fear, heartaches which cannot exist here for there is only love and light. We have arrived. I am seeing this space is the birth canal for Nova Gaia. These intentions and prayers and hard work that the light workers have been doing are paying off. We are in the birth canal. We are being birthed through the Galactic Center. That is why we feel squeezed, on all sides. The cycle is complete).
I am the Galactic Center. Yes, the cycle of pain is complete. A new day is birthed. I am the Galactic Center. Become born anew. Gem by gem, stone by stone, build and create Nova Gaia with the lessons learned through lifetimes of pain and suffering that have been transformed into light, healing and wisdom. Build with the knowledge of love and light. Create your societies based on these principals. Plant these stones of experience in your forests, by your treehouses and in your city centers. (I am seeing these stones of lessons and pain transformed into large multifaceted gems that are glowing rainbow hues. I am seeing them being planted by many colors of hands of all races and space places. They are monuments to the rainbow warriors, monuments and testimonies for this time. I see children running freely in city centers, with no knowledge of fear and no reason to fear. I see how each rainbow stone is individualized to the lightworkers’ intentions of this now, an honorarium and tribute to the forgers of light, which is what we are being called).

I am the Galactic Center. Sit in me, feel this space of creation. Accept the love, the prayers of light, the healing that is being made available to you. Rest today. The baby in the womb feels constricted and uncomfortable during birth. It is the process. This is what you are experiencing. This is why you may feel heavy or full of pressure. Surround yourselves in the rainbow light orb, surround yourselves with my energies of space and create more space to cushion the birthing pangs. I am the Galactic Center. I love you unendingly, for there is no end, there is no beginning, there is only light. Feel the Source being that you are and be healed in this knowing. I am the Galactic Center.

~ galaxygirl