Love is our new reality

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Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, December 3d

Blossom Goodchild

December 3rd,2015


Blossom: Due to the loss of someone very close to me this week and in response to many emails received lately, today’s offering is not a channell, as my Energies are not in the right space. Yet, this comes from my heart.

Dear Love … in the Highest Purest form of itself.

I was wondering if we could have a word?

As you must be well aware, our Planet Earth has fallen into a state of huge disarray … due to some of the Human Beings living upon it … taking from it all they can, when there is absolutely no need at all!

These same Human Beings seem to be killing each other willy-nilly and I’d like to ask YOU … for what exactly?

There are a thousand other gripes I could name yet, being Who YOU Are … I am assuming YOU are already aware of them?

We have many channellers on this planet … who from the deepest place of their Being, TRUST they are doing so for the Greater Good of all. Not for fame and clearly, not for fortune … yet, to serve The Whole with the gift they have been given. Yet, over and over again, most channellers are made to look fraudulent or just plain stupid for putting out messages with information contained therein sometimes … that appears to assist people in losing faith and losing heart. The opposite of their purpose!

From my heart … I am not asking YOU to save us … I am asking for assistance!

Each one of us knows Who YOU Are … for We are of YOU.

Some are aware of this, some not. Yet, even those who are aware … still struggle sometimes … in understanding the role we play down here and wondering when things are going to look a little brighter on the horizon?

Many channellers have informed their readers of GREAT changes that will take place before this year of 2015 is out. Now, like all other years … despondency and disappointment is settling in.

Therefore, I would like to know from YOU, the HIGHEST OF THE HIGH … the ULTIMATE DIVINE SOURCE  … what are we to do, to make this Divine Plan of yours start taking shape? Not from where you see it … but from down here. Down here on Earth where so many are really ‘over it’ and giving up all hope!

We hear ‘The bad guys are doing this’ … ‘The bad guys are doing that’ … ‘The darkness is coming to an end’ … And ‘Soon … very soon our world will move into the Golden Age’. I know people who have been told this for over 50 years. Down here on Planet Earth THIS IS NOT SOON. Yet, you know this, right?

We would so very much like … if you see fit … a MAJOR break … through!

We would so very much like to see a Light at the end of this very long and winding tunnel!

Yes, I know it is US that came here to Awaken the world and that we are doing it slowly but surely. I know this because I have been told by my ‘off planet’ friends known as The Federation Of Light who are asking us to TRUST that this is so. Yet, there really is not much evidence of such. In fact to the contrary.

Advanced souls, in their quest for Truth tell me to ‘Let go’ of all this ‘pleading’, as they would call it. I call it ‘concern’. For my heart and the hearts of many, can hurt so deeply with all that they must endure and I KNOW this is not how LIFE was intended to be.

Sometimes my heart gets so overwhelmed with the way it is down here … that I feel moved to say something … to YOU … and NOW is one of those times.

There is the notion which I feel to be True … that this Planet of ours is an Illusion … because we believe we are separated from YOU … Love/God/Oneness. I can accept that. Do I understand it? Not yet! Though my soul will continue to work it out … because there has to be an answer.

We create our world from that which we think … and I REALLY DO give thanks for the beauty I behold when it is there to behold … and I REALLY DO try to keep positive and seek Goodness in all things.

I take full responsibility for Who I Am and my intentions to ‘discover Truth’. Yet, at the same time, I feel Human Beings on this Planet have become so lost … and wandered so far away from YOU … that a helping hand would go down a real treat this Christmas!

A little ‘Sparkle’ … some ‘Tinsel’ … some sort of ‘Ding Dong from merrily on High’ … would make such a difference in these very challenging times.

So that, instead of the slippery slope that so many are sliding down … Instead of the lies and the deceit that so many are accepting and falling for …  Instead of all that is not of YOU … it could be replaced by …


For …

WE ARE THE GAME CHANGERS … Yet, there are not enough of us awake yet, to make a visible difference. This is evident. We FEEL … YOU could remove the veils of ignorance and numbness from so many … in the instant of a breath … should it be Thy Will.

Your Will surely, must be for each of your children to return Home … and being Who YOU Are … I KNOW YOU CAN DO ANYTHING TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

So, from one parent to another and from me, your child … I want to come home.

Once again, Dearest Blessed LOVE …



GOING NOWHERE … yet, LIVING in the PUREST DIVINE LOVE that was originally planned here on Earth.

Thank you.

Much Love, Light, Laughter and Golden rays

Blossom Goodchild.

PS. May Every Soul that reads this … receive their own reply from YOU. In Love and Thanks.

Tues Dec 8th is my birthday and to celebrate in a positive way I have a request. The thought came to me upon awakening in the middle of the night and I always act on those!  On that day, at any time … would you do me the honour of tuning your heart into one of the following:

WE ARE THE GAME CHANGERS. An Invocation from The Federation Of Light.

WISDOM ON LOVE. From The Federation of Light.


I am so grateful to those who choose to do so, as the ENERGY ‘their’ words carry serve the self, therefore, the whole and HOPEFULLY will make a difference to the way things are down here!

Many, many thanks.

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