Love is our new reality

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Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, July 8

Hello again, my friends. So happy to be able to speak with you today. There definitely seems to be an uplifting change for many. Everything seems to be falling into place. It is lovely to see this happening.

We welcome you this day with uplifting Energies and understand that NOW … more and more of the human condition is turning itself around and allowing the changes to come into play.

Much has been discussed within our realms … as to the differences that shall now occur and therefore … an acceptance of ‘self’ is gradually allowing the Higher side of ONE … to uniquely and individually settle itself within … and bring about a ‘happiness’ that has not been present before.

As the Energies that enter are integrating with ALL … they allow for the soul-self to ‘be present’ in a way that FEELS new.

An inner strength is rising to the surface as many awaken to the natural state of their Being.

All may appear on the outside to be very much the same. Yet, all on the inside is displaying a newness … an appreciation for who ‘lives’ there.

Gone are the FEELINGS of mistrust and ‘What if this?’ … ‘What if that?’ … for the deepest heart – space is resonating throughout the Beingness of ‘What is!’.

Is it not that you are recognising the necessity to remain in the heart space? To be steadfast in the knowledge that by BEING LOVE and ONLY LOVE … you are cottoning on to all that we have offered in past days … and perhaps now … as the Vibration rises … it is all beginning to make sense?

The KNOWING of WHO YOU ARE is recognised on a deeper level of understanding.

You are able to bring forth that which resides within you … and put it into action in a way that serves not only yourself and the way you conduct your every moment … yet, is it not … that within this action … you KNOW NOW how you are here to serve The Whole … by BEING so?

Well, I am slowly but surely getting there. No way am I ‘aware’ of Loving in every moment … yet! At least I am able to recognise thoughts that do not serve and change them around much more easily than I have done. On this level … having thought I ‘Got it’ a while back … I am recognising that one simply ‘Gets it’ … more and more … and it FEELS exciting when put into play.

All around you are Energies of LOVE. They far outweigh the Energies of a lower Vibration that can be convincing to the contrary.

Indeed, as we have said … there is much speculation regarding ‘End times’ and ‘catastrophe’. Yet, do you now recognise the fear factor within such things?

Hold your heads high. Hold your spirits High and allow only thoughts of this wondrous change to engulf you.

You are above and beyond the activities of those who have needs for self-gain and greed and you are now FEELING within yourselves … YOUR POWER.


Again the FEELING became very strong for them to speak.

Here is the audio link … with the transcript below.

We are grateful that you picked up upon the fact that we choose to use the Vibration of sound … in order to assist in upliftment of the soul’s Energies … due to our Energies that contain the Higher Vibration … which then, are able to merge with yours and perform their duties of upliftment.

We bring through this Vibrational sound via Blossom … in the KNOWING that as we connect with you … the deepest part of your Being connects with us on a deeper level.

As this takes place and your Energy rises … there is a stirring within the soul – self that allows a Change within every part of you … to take place.

There are healings that shall emerge … And we would not like to say that this healing … or these healings … come from us directly … for they come from within you.


And all you need is LOVE … to accomplish absolutely anything you desire. You contain within you the capacity to perform miracles. And yet, you have been conditioned to believe … to know … otherwise. And until this conditioning is undone … by you / through you … these miracles cannot be performed. Because, your belief system is preventing barriers that have no reasoning to be there … other than the fact, that what you were told you cannot do … you believe as your Truth. Take into account therefore, that much … our Dearest Friends … much, that you have been taught … we would say, with all respect … has no value to your soul, or indeed that of any other.

True teachings come forth from your FEELINGS about things. Ask yourselves … do you FEEL you … as an individual … are capable of performing miracles? If the answer is ‘No, I am not worthy’ … then, that is your Truth and that is what shall be presented.

Yet, if your answer is ‘Yes, I am able, through the Beingness of who I am … to conduct my living ways through LOVE … LOVE in its Highest form, then of course … ALL THAT COMES THROUGH ME HAS THE POWER … IS THE POWER … TO ALLOW THE HIGHEST INTENTIONS TO BE PRESENTED AND PERFORMED.

No-one is stopping you, other than your self beliefs. The indoctrinations the Energies of such misgivings … misunderstandings … have for some … cemented themselves so deeply within the mind … that to perform a miracle … as you, as an individual normal human being, seems merely fantasy. Incomprehensible, that this could be so. We state that you … Each One of you … are here upon this planet to perform these very miracles … within self … for self … for others … for your planet … for ALL.

Such little usage of such phenomenal wonder is expressed … due to you being indoctrinated with beliefs that you are incapable of mighty outcomes.


Away from troubles … Away from complicated issues and thought provoking stresses … Away from confusion … and be there with yourself alone … in the Highest LOVE that you, yourself are. And when you reside there … FEEL YOUR POWER. Experience YOUR POWER that is you. That is there for you. THAT is its purpose … to serve you. To become One with you … in your human form.

THIS POWER that you are … is not reserved for only outside of the physicality. It is there within you for the very purpose of using it for the Highest Good of self and the Highest Good of all.

You know this … You appreciate this. Yet, you seem it to be somewhat of a struggle to acknowledge this and bring it forth … even though you KNOW IT.


There are souls upon your planet that you FEEL a resonance with … when they bring forth messages from other realms … from Higher Vibrations. You simply Trust those messages because they FEEL correct for you. Go within and discover YOUR messengers … YOUR team … YOUR allies. Make friends with them. It is not that you need to Trust them … it is that you need to Trust yourself in these matters.

There is not one of you that cannot connect with those in Higher Vibrations. It is only the thought that you cannot. Some of you may say that you have tried over and over and still, nothing of this nature has come about for you personally. When you begin something new … it is very rare that it happens just like that. It takes perseverance and determination … For we would say; with the greatest of respect … there are many bricks to be knocked down from walls that have been built, before even a whisper may be heard.

TRUST FEELINGS. You do not need to hear us. Blossom does not hear us. We communicate with her telepathically … because of FEELINGS … allowing words to emerge.

The more you Trust … the more you KNOW yourself to be LOVE … the more you shall FEEL communication with others not of human form. Billions of souls are waiting to say hello. Yet, they cannot break through barriers that insist that the self is not worthy, in one way or another.

Accept yourselves as LOVE … then … then … shall the winds carry the whispers into your soul.

We are aware and we smile that rain is falling in the place where Blossom resides and in any minute it shall make thunderous sounds upon her roof. Making it, therefore, difficult for you to hear our words … and yet, Blossom is saying that it is, at this point, so gentle. Yet, we say to you and her … that this shall change very quickly. So therefore, we make this communication a little shorter than usual. We say to you all that this communication contains is enough for the time being.

Dearest souls of planet Earth … such LOVE … such LOVE that we offer to you … Breath it in. Absorb this LOVE we offer.

The lady Blossom is smiling … for she is saying ‘Indeed, we were correct. Here is the heavier rainfall.’

We LOVE you … Until next time … perhaps when the sun is shining and we can offer a more lengthy communication. The best things come in small packages, as they say.

In LOVE … In Gratitude … We take our leave.


Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.