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Special Message: Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, 13 December, 2020

Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren, 13 December, 2020


Due to the election in the United States between the Democratic and Republican parties, it is of great importance that this message comes out to the people for information as soon as possible. There have been big demonstrations regarding election fraud to win the election for Joe Biden. It is very important that people start thinking about what future they want. Is it the world of the rich people where only they themselves are allowed to have a prosperous and easier life in comparison with the rest of the population?

It has become very clear with strong and indisputable evidence of election fraud that has been going on throughout the election campaign as it concerns the Democratic Party. These Democrats have not shied away from any means to get Joe Biden president. The people must be made aware of the incredible frauds that have taken place in these democratic conventions and this must end. The American people must now have a better and viable future for their families and for their children. The quality of life for these people must happen now. It has been far too long, however, and it has had far too severe consequences and suffering for the American people. America will take back its greatness and become the country that will be the greatest in the world and not like now to be like a third world.

With President Donald Trump, the country will be elevated to a higher and brighter future. Much will change and only for the better. The shutdown has caused a lot of chaos and suffering, but also a fantastic opportunity to go inside to really start thinking about what kind of life you want to live for yourself and your family and also for the rest of the population in the United States. There have been so many incredible frauds against the people that they too must come to light. It will be difficult to hear what the people have had to give up and lost during all these years that the dark ones have been allowed to rule, but it is of great importance that this comes out as soon as possible and that people get to take a stand on what they should do next in their lives.

Much has been hidden from the people regarding the infrastructure that currently prevails in the country and it is of great importance that the president addresses this immediately so that everyone can have an easier life. This will of course take time before the people will notice the difference but be so sure that life goes towards the brighter side. A lot will come to the surface because people need to get information about what has affected their lives so negatively. Much of all these finances and great riches that the rich have actually come from the people and which are simply stolen from the people to gain so much power that they can take over the whole world in the end. This total control they have had over the people of the world, not just in the United States, has escalated into a fraud that is feared to put the entire planet in a very dangerous and destructive period with more world wars for example.

This will not be allowed. The light has certainly won, but it is still a period now that will be uncertain with more concern for the future because these incredible amounts of betrayal of humans must come to light to be cleansed from the Earth and also get a forgiveness from humans for everyone to be able to move forward in time. It is a great shift on Earth and in the Universe where an elevation of all who have been in the third dimension has begun to be elevated to the fifth dimension. This is of great importance that all people in the whole world should have an opportunity to get an idea of ​​who you are and why you have come to Earth exactly at this time. Everything is moving towards a brighter time, even though it is currently difficult to absorb it.

It is very clear how people have been manipulated by the controlling and that now is the time when this must be broken. It is a big job that your president has in front of him, but he has a great love for his people to really fight for the people to have a decent life and be able to live an easier life for everyone and not just in the United States. This affects the whole world. America will be great again and the leading nation again in the world.

The Galactic Federation of Lights Many thanks.

In loving service. I AM



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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