Love is our new reality

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Galaxygirl’s Team “Morning Whisperings” | December 11, 2022

Galaxygirl’s Team “Morning Whisperings” | December 11, 2022

Afternoon Whisperings #4 Galaxygirl’s Team 12/11/2022

I was napping and definitely somewhere else! I was hearing “ascension has always been a solitary road of the individual. It is time to develop community within this experience.” Someone was writing, I think I was in a meeting. They are aware of the loneliness of this experience. Let me see if I can reconnect…

We are here with you. We are your team. We are always here with you, we have expanded as you have expanded and we are continually evolving to meet your changing needs and requirements of this highest ascension timeline.

We agree that it is most beneficial and wise to state your intentions clearly about your life. Intend to do what you are going to do with clarity, and add joy to it. This one had a spontaneous ticket presented to her and she was able to enjoy a game last night. She was open, she had fun, and she approached it with joy and an open heart. We presented her with this because more fun is needed at this time for our Lightworkers to put more light in their steps. This is not light trodding. We do not want you just plodding and trodding, and rolling along. We want more lightness of heart, of step, of joy. It is quite delightful to say ‘I intend to do (whatever activity) with joy and light in my heart.’ And then, dear ones, go do it. It changes the vibration of your experience and therefore of the outcome.

We were meeting with this one about the uniqueness of this ascension journey that you are all on in this moment of time. It is an exceptional moment. It is a unique one. And it is peppered in its uniqueness with the variety of experiences that you are all bringing to the table. It is an experience of experiences. There is so much to learn from this. This will be studied and digested and reviewed for millennia. That being said, it does not discount the intensity of the moments that you are finding yourselves in. People are feeling squeezed by these energies, or they are floating above them and integrating them, like many of you are on your good days, or they are feeling suffocated by the heaviness of them, which we do not recommended. But that is all in perfect vibrational alignment of the one having the experience. In that way, it is fair. The laws of this universe are very much yin and yang, vibrational awareness and resonance attracts that which is aligned.

This one is arguing of the atrocities that have been committed, and we agree, we concur that heinous acts of barbarism have been performed in this realm for millions of years. But also acts of heroism, of sacrifice, and of supreme love. This is the realm of extremes. One may plunge and one may soar. And in the midst of it you may feel everything. That was the deal. And so of course the dark ones, those with shriveled hearts, we would say, who have blocked the light flow, they have chosen the plunge and they have chosen power over. Their vibrational experience will follow them and they will have to relive every moment from their victims’ perspectives. They will have to feel what they have inflicted. We do not wish that on anyone.

Regarding the trafficking that this one keeps bringing up, for surely that is unforgivable, she is saying, you must understand that what you are hearing and seeing is only partial truths. Much has been buried and held back from humanity. Humanity is unique as you have the god spark within you. You are creators by divine birth right. Other beings are created beings. They do not have this spark or this light of divinity. Your soul is the greatest wealth in the universe we would say, and so humanity was envied and abused, we do not need to list all that has occurred. But know that it is changing. Humanity is waking up from the dream, from the prison that has surrounded and kept you sometimes comfortably confined but confined nonetheless.

The time of conformity and following orders, it does not have to continue. Source sparks you are, you do not need to allow containment, conformity. You do not need to let the blasé settle on your thoughts. You were in line to be here to create, to change the paradigm and to grow. We see this is happening now.

And so for communities, we wish for you all to commune a little more. It is time for the lightworker collective, who have been brilliantly stationed all over the globe, to energetically fortify alliances of ascension. Alliances of friendship. You have been quiet, many of you have been afraid. Do not fear those who you were sent here to care for when they wake up. But know that being wise in every locational circumstance makes sense. This is why your teams are continually being upgraded.

We are unable to say when the grand solar flash will occur because we are not privy to this information. Behave every day as if wrapped in the light embrace of this great love wave. Be it and it will come sooner. There is much information to sift through in these days of awakening, there is much noise. And you all have different timelines that you are dealing with. Intend to be on the most perfect timeline for your highest good. Define it and it will be.

We were telling this one earlier that ascension has normally been the solitary journey. (I am seeing bald monks in orange togas sitting alone.) It still is as you have faced your inner darkness and damage, allowing the light into those places of your wounded parts. Yes. But you don’t have to feel so alone this time. As most of you have already performed the majority of your shadow work and can see with eyes of empathy and understanding. Communication lines should be more clean and clear between you, for you are no longer looking through the lens of hurt and pain. The hurt has been healed and the pain appreciated and released. Both are needed for soul growth, but you have had that chapter now. You don’t need to be constantly revisiting it. You don’t need to constantly connect with it. Send it love, thanks and move on. You have more adventures of joy coming your way. It is time to embrace joy.

This one has been growing by leaps and bounds and we are very proud of her but we are proud of all of you, for you are all doing this! The human lightworker collective is exploding into yet more light, to an extent that we were not sure would be possible but it is! You have already exceeded everyone’s hopes and expectations. This is the kind of collective that you are! What an astonishingly talented ground team! We are in love with each and every one. Thank you for your service, beloved ones.

We leave you with hope and tremendous joy. Sometimes joy has to be found and created. (They are showing me an Easter egg hunt and a little child happily searching and screaming with delight when they find an egg). It is much like that. If you are in a hologram, at least have fun with it! Look for the ‘Easter eggs’ on your journey. For this one last night it was an unexpected ticket and night with a friend. For others, it will be something else, someone unique on your journey that will bring you the most joy. Look for the joy with eager expectation of a child and of course you will find it. Remember it is all about vibrational frequency and alignment. If you align with joy – well, all bets are off as to how much fun you will have. It would be infinitely more satisfying for you. And that is all we want for you. The phrase ‘enjoy your journey’ has worn out its welcome, for it has been a very long journey. Perhaps ‘look for the joy embedded in your journey’ would be better? Of course in the end it is you who decide, it is you who decide everything.

We empower you with our love and encourage you to empower each other. It is time to spread the love-light everywhere you go. And if you are aligned with the frequency of joy and wonder, then you are in for a real treat.

We love you.

That is all for now.

~ galaxygirl