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Gary Larrabee – Latest Unbelievable GCR/RV Information I have Received

Gary Larrabee – Latest Unbelievable GCR/RV Information I have Received

Published on Dec 15, 2017

– Planners are trying to get this done if possible on or before Christmas

– Trying to get 8 days for 800#’s even trying to move it up to two (2) .. Intent is it should be done before Christmas

– Main issue is to get the announcement of the active USN It is Legal, their is Inventory (meaning gold) and it’s waiting to be active


– N/A


– USN active but not fully International .. Have to check gold asset back and is part of the delay…….

– Trump does not want the USN to be out Internationally .. he still wants Cabal to pay fines and penalties has been part of the delay since he want the banking system to pay for damages done

– Cabal trying to stop or distract process .. banking cartel found glitch that software problem has been eradicated …

– They want to contain cabal in Trump camp and it’s related to East Jerusalem being part of Palestine

– Until safety team says its ok we still wait…”Hercules system” is ok … system needs to be safe before we go

– Janet Yellin quit her job ..we are moving to the Republic Jerome Powell is the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve


– Dec 2nd Abadi/Iraq is free of ISIS since that date they have working with the CBI heavily .. Investors want to play a big part of the future and are waiting for new Iraq rate

– Iraq is about ready to go

– They (Iraq) are due to start the process soon

– Forex will drive dinar rate up to $7+


1st – Rates are Good/Stable.

Oil Price oil prices:

WTI – $57.04 – $57.23 the closer it is to $55+ the better. (over so we are good)
Brent Oil Rates $63.31+ (over $60)
Gold $1,258+ Ounce


Iranian Rial Intl rate:

$ 3.22+
Screen rate: $ 25+
Neg rate: $ 275


Intl rate: $ 2.39 – $3.10
Screen rate: 10.30-10.50
Neg rate: $10.50 might go higher


Intl rate: $1.08 to $1.25
Screen rate: $25.00 +/-



Intl: .47 cents to 2.75 cents up to $4.10
Screen rate $24 – $35
Screen rate: $128+
Neg rate $140


Intl rate: $3.71 .. also price on Iraq Qi Cards; also $4.00 – not uniform
Provincial Rates – $34 – $34.67/$35.01
Screen rate: $28+ – $245 – $ 248
Negotiated rate: $ 290


To have new rates on Monday.

Tier 4:

$ 13.00 – $15.00 Inside that range. No zeroes will be taken out. Seven (7) dollar range
Screen Rate @ $65 to $128.00+ and stable around $101

Tier 5:

$.16 cents to .20 cents take out 6 zeroes
100T = 200 million …
No NDA Tier 5 people

Up to $ 125,000 (Based on you, what you ask and your humanitarian plan)
Assets in ZIM are increasing, so expect higher rates


– Tier 1,2,3 moving along … In China it’s moving quite well (min 13)

– Certain dignatieries ..special people ..tier 3 are expected to have live rates this week (min 14) waiting for auth code which will be given by “grandfather” ..Shelton is Monitoring as we speak

– They the key thing is about to happen either the 15th or the 21st ..if a date after that most likely process will activated 2018

– The process is not going to be slowed down by the holidays economy affected by slow down ..Chinese doing everything to make it happen

– Banks are all Basil II compliant …U.S. is moving at a slow pace .. holding things out question is will it be done before Christmas

– New rates did not occurrates are the same

– Oil is up is down

– U.N. rates unchanged

– Won’t have to deal with taxes until 2019

– USN is be made live soon Indications of UST to Wall Street

– Flash Bang is to distract the public ..8 00#’s will be out for three (3) days

– Watching Iraq report is repatriation of millions to process (min 29)