Gatekeepers of the Lion’s Gate via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, August 8, 2020

Gatekeepers of the Lion’s Gate via Galaxygirl | August 8, 2020

Gatekeepers of the Lion’s Gate 8/8/2020

Greetings humanity. We are the gatekeepers of the Lion’s Gate Portal of Light. Only those of high vibration and love may pass through. We are bridgers of realms, as are you, only you are now becoming more aware of this. We are guardians of the light of the Lion’s Gate. Only the brave shall pass through. Those that are wise enough and brave enough to face their own inner darkness shall understand and withstand the healing. We are Lyran. We are Feline. We are ancient warriors. We guard the light. We are keepers of the flame of the inner light. Humanity has been immersed within a great darkness of their minds. The synchronicity of planetary alignment allows for the Lion’s Gate and heightens illumination.

We are the gatekeepers. (I am seeing two enormous lions with eyes of light. One lion is golden the other is silver in color. They are fiercely powerful, sitting on either side of a giant portal of light. I am feeling not only Alcyone’s energies but energies of other systems spinning as alive light particles through the portal onto Gaia. I am seeing that not all humans are fully ready for what the portal has to offer, but they can benefit just the same. It is as if some people soak up the energetics from the portal like a sponge and are emanating light, while others just have a light dusting of light, as that is all that they will allow).

We are the gatekeepers. (I am seeing shadow figures trying to approach the portal and sneak past the lions. Their roars are light blasts and the shadows dissipate). Only the pure of heart shall enter. We offer humanity the gift of healing. We are ancient, we are wise. We are eternal guardians. We guard where we are needed. Look deeply into our eyes, little one. (I am suddenly face to face with these two majestic lions. Their faces are close to mine. Peering into their eyes of light I see the cosmos. I see that they hold the consciousness of many. They guard the stories of this galactic sector. These lions have seen so much. They are wisened by the pain and they offer energetic blessing and rejuvenation to humanity for what is to come. They are suddenly enormous again standing tall in front of the portal). We gatekeepers have pledged our service to the One, and so we serve faithfully. You too have chosen to serve the light and to serve mankind in their process of healing. (They are inviting me to climb on and see the earth from their vantage point. The silver lion bends low and I gingerly climb on. His mane is silver-light, soft and thick. Sitting on the lion’s back and holding on tightly to the mane is an amazing moment). Little one what do you see? (I see an orb of blue in a sea of darkness. I feel and hear the stories of the light and of what is to come. I see how these energetics from the portal are alive and flowing through the portal freely like a fire hydrant of light. I am feeling hope in this light from the portal, it is the hope and prayers of the other galactic sectors that have been watching our progress, it is strength from our galactic brethren and encouragement from our future selves to keep going). Little one, soon just as the shadow beings could not enter the portal for escape, so too will there be nowhere on your world where the the light has not touched. We are keepers of the light. We bless humanity today. Feel the energies from this transmission. Just as you feel the silkiness of our manes, and as you hold on, little one, know that we are holding on to you, that the universe is conspiring continuously to bless and support you in all ways. You are safe. You are strong. Feel our strength. Feel the strength of your own inner lion. Feel the love that is there within you. The love is your strength, your might. Love what you see in your world and more love will follow behind you, ushering in the new golden age.

We are the gatekeepers of the portal. Gate-keep your vessel. Observe what you see but do not allow the darkness within. Surround your vessel with light. Call upon us for protection. We weave light around your world today. We are the gatekeepers.

~ galaxygirl