Love is our new reality

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Gautama Buddha via Elaine DeGiorgio, November 8th, 2017

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I am graced with the presence of Gautama Buddha and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message to share with you all:

Beloved of the Golden Sun of the Infinite One, how art thou now transported into another golden sphere—a sphere of memory that does become a Reality only in the Eternal Now. For the mortal cannot capture the infinitude of a presence of a once-manifest Golden Age so long past, now forgot.

Memories of long past where the lands were plenty and there was no separation in the hearts of men.

Tell my children this….

It is I Gautama Buddha and I have come through with love and peace.

Connect my dear children to the Golden Sphere of the Great Central Sun for this will truly connect you with the Divine Beauty that you behold. The Kingdom of Bliss that once was and shall be once more… It is time now dear children to enter into Divine Union. For it is time that we set our focus, our intention on the inner peace in our lives, the inner joys and the unconditional love. There is no room for the essence of duality within your hearts.

I welcome your evolvement, I welcome your learning, and I welcome your love and light to the hearts of those anchored on your Earth at this time.

Why not join me in this now an hour of your time to connect and reflect on my presence for I will fill your heart with the Golden Sphere. It gives me great joy that we are facilitating the Divine Union of Twin Flames at a grander multidimensional scale for all have been called to this light and love have grand work to do to anchor this love and this light upon your Earth. It gives me great joy to announce that many will come forth into Union with the Twin Flame as they too will also connect with the God Flame.

As you connect deeper with the Golden Sphere of Light you will feel the subtle vibrations of pure Love and Light of the Great Central Sun activating you bringing you into a greater awareness.

For out of the Great Central Sun The God Star Sirius many activations are coming forth with the new energy that is being outpoured in this now.

For it is now time dear children that the Krystos Energy is now being ignited within you all once more… For Yeshua once said that the Christ will be coming forth once more and indeed it has for in this now the Christ is within each and everyone of you and the we are on a mission now to ignite and enlighten and awaken all children upon the Earth once more….

Be the gardeners in the lives of the people around you plant the seeds of light and of love. For you have the tools now to do your work. However great or small every little step counts.

As you walk upon your path of knowing you will encounter many challenges upon your way. For we are still within great challenge as we are awakening the Souls from their slumber.

Beloveds we are aware of the great struggle of duality that still faces many hearts at this time… we give you great strength…. Blessed ones, the shadows creep and fall across the unsuspecting soul. No matter what plane of occupation, whether the etheric or in dense Earth, once one has entered the decision to be in relativity, a relative good and evil based on a position and a defense of one’s right—“my right”—from thenceforth, beloved, one can calculate neither the plummeting nor the ascent. Something apart from oneself must report the goings and the comings—the rise and fall of the soul.

Therefore dear ones be of courage… for you have been chosen… to focus on your right and being the light… in a soul’s darkest hour… you have been called to service and in coming forth to service, you have already learnt the mastery of surrender..

Expansion is the key to your Soul Evolvement upon your Earth at this time. We are anchoring a fresh what of energy to assist you in your growth and expansion.

Timeline shifts are upon you all at this time. Take great courage to connect and to shift. Connect and understand the mysteries of life… connect dear ones with your essence. Your essence of love peace and understanding.

Do not limit yourself to time be focused on the now. Be focused on the present. Are your timelines affecting you now? It is time to release, to renew, to move forward.

You are the creator and co-creator of your realities, be empowered in this now to focus on your path and your goals for your ascension and for your work and path for humanity.

It is now time to move forward upon your pathways with ease and grace…

I AM Gautama Buddha and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio