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GCR Historical Overview – Part 10/10, August 28

GCR Historical Overview – Part 10/10

Tree of Life

Please be aware that no one here at the Golden Age of Gaia claims to have the ability to advise you on financial matters. We do not endorse or not endorse the views expressed in this booklet.

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This money, for whatever heavenly or earthly reasons, has been placed in your care to help yourself, your family and other families. So always look to be of service and do no harm. For just as there will be many new choices to make post-GCR/RV in terms of lifestyle, there are also choices to be made in terms of who you will allow to participate in your wealth. Meaning, you might need to reconsider everyone currently in your stable of friends and professionals given your newfound wealth.

Not only must your inner circle be familiar with all areas of the law, estate planning, tax, investment and diversification, but they also must understand the delicate privacy needs of high net worth and ultra high new worth clientele. As well as be in alignment with you morally and spiritually, sharing common values as human beings.

Make sure to work slowly, always thinking about sustainability and protection all your resources. Listen before you speak. Remain patient, prudent and selective with all your words and actions no matter the chaos swirling around you—because as you have probably heard many times before, with great wealth comes great responsibility—well, great responsibility now falls squarely upon your shoulders.

Try always to remember that pure thoughts create pure results, while impure thoughts create impure results. It’s simple but practical wisdom. And while it is your new job to protect these assets, consider the task of blessing the huddled and tired masses with a portion of your wealth, seeking out the less fortunate in society and providing those in need with generous contributions, love and prayer… for God is watching.

May your heart forever be filled with His infinite grace and eternal peace.


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