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GCR/RV Update by One Who Believes, October 7th

“Choose Sides Now, or Get Screwed” – Guest Post by One Who Believes

Choose Sides Or Get Screwed

I just read the worst advise in Dinarland today. Was it intentional Misinformation? I don’t know. There are two sides in Dinarland and if you choose wrong, it will be your loss. What are the sides? I will only speak of the side that I believe in and you will have to decide for yourself.

The Side I Believe In

The only way to describe this side I believe in is to name the people who are on it. They are Yosef, Bruce, Tank, Fisher, and Zorra. These Intel Providers/sources all agree on a few important points.

Yosef, Bruce, Tank, Fisher, and Zorra:

The ZIM has an incredibly High Value with NO ZEROS REMOVED

Yosef, Bruce, Tank:

You will only have 48 hours to call 800#s and get High Rates, and late appointments

Yosef, Bruce, Tank:

The General Public will be notified on 10/10/2016

Yosef, Bruce, Tank, Zorra

The GCR/RV Will start by Friday (Today)

What does this add up to?

If these super high Sovereign/Negotiated Rates are only available to those who call in the first 48 hours (2 Days) after the 800s come out, then YOU BETTER BE PAYING ATTENTION TO THE NET.

If the “General Public” is being notified on Monday 10/10, then our 800# call in time WILL BE OVER THEN. Right? They are NOT going to let the General Public call in on the 800s to get the high rates, only us. Soooooooooooooo, it makes perfect sense that our 48 hour call in time will be over by Monday 10/10 when the “General Public” is notified. Of course, that means that our call in time should start on Friday evening and end Monday very early morning (Before the announcement) at the latest.

What Is The Problem?

There is another “Intel Provider” who just said “Take the Weekend Off” don’t bother looking for the RV until Tuesday. If everything I just covered is right, and you start paying attention to this on Tuesday…. Well… do I have to say it? “SCREWED!!”

After all these years of paying attention and following the RV, you will suddenly transform into the “General Public” and have no benefits. It would be like Cinderella when the clocks strikes midnight, and everything special turns ordinary in the blink of an eye.

You Better Choose Sides Now

You better get really clear on who you are going to trust at this late date of the RV. Listening to the wrong advise could cost you Trillions. This is no time to lose all the advantages and benefits you have earned for the years you have spent following this event. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust ANYONE who says it is not going until later, because: LATER WILL BE TOO LATE.

However, on the positive side, following what Yosef, Bruce, Tank, Fisher, and Zorra say, won’t cost you a thing. There is NO RISK in thinking that the 800s will be out soon, this weekend in fact. If they are not, no loss. However, if they are and you didn’t get them or call…. Well…. SCREWED!!!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that paying attention to what is going on RIGHT NOW matters more than EVER. A mistake, or delay now could cost you Trillions and force you from the Coveted “Internet Group” with all their advantages and privileges, into the “General Public Group” with NO advantages at all. You better decide now who you are going to listen to, because it matters more than ever. Choose wrong, and you will get screwed!

However, with all that said, if you do miss out and lose your currency or you don’t get what you could have gotten, there will be plenty of people who will be willing to help you anyway. It’s not the End of the World, It’s the Beginning of the new World and EVERYTHING will be better.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes