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“Genius” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – May 28, 2017

“Genius” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – May 28, 2017

The rate of information is coming in fast and furious these past few days–hence the multiple SITREPS.

The banking just changed on Friday. No other way to report it. Maybe you can say it switched last second.

The NPTB changed who was running the banking and what technology they were using, and nobody knows yet where this is all coming or where it’s going … but it came all of a sudden and it’s invisible.

No wonder the UST is on military lockdown. Can you say Republic? Go fighting Joe!

It’s as if the NPTB planned on abandoning all original strategies all along and brought in their own systems, their own people, at their own exchange locations less any trace of Wells Fargo consultation…. right before we all walked through the front freaking door.


Meaning, we are literally operating on an original, unencumbered system of finance with brand new digital credits. And the concept of converting old system accounts and funds was just a lost leader to confuse die hard cabal moles.

I wonder if the politics are being switched out in the same way as the banking, as Trump, Netanyahu and Poroshenko are replaced–at once–whoosh–new game, new leaders, new reality… GO!

Sure feels that way. Genius.

Screen rates are embarrassingly high. NDA’s are optional. Structured programs are available should anyone desire one.

This is going to be easy, easy, easy. And fast, fast, fast.

We’re all going to be in and out in under 30 minutes (on average) in a drive thru style RV.

Stop it. Pinch me. Genius.

Memorial Day… ah Memorial Day… 5/29/2017 (8)… military personnel in uniforms, planes and vehicles everywhere which raises zero suspicions.

So if say General Dunford was going to deploy the national guard for like a week, doing so on Memorial Day wouldn’t look out of place in the least. Almost would look parade float-esque as assault tanks drove down Main Street and massive Huey’s flew over interstate highways.

Things that make you go “genius.”

And the media.. oh the media… between Trump and Memorial Day festivities, there is no other news to report on a Memorial Day weekend is there?

And even if there was something of note to cover, who the hell cares. Pass me another plastic flag, cheeseburger, weak beer and don’t block my view of the TV, right?

Dare I say it again… genius. Just did.

It’s also a bank holiday, lowest internet and auto traffic night/day of the year, start of summer, mildest annual climate and best of all there are no Dinarland conference calls planned.

Hey what if… Friday they raided the UST… Saturday they installed a new digital delivery system… Sunday they performed all final testing… and Monday morning they released the full blown Age of Aquarius.

Say in Phase 1 they would have everyone considered the internet group, processed, in and out of redemption centers before banks and markets could even reopen Tuesday morning.

Plus, whomever was paying close attention would also get a once in a lifetime shot at sovereign rates; and whomever wasn’t just redeems per with screen rates in phase 2.

After that, currency holders could trickle in as they awakened over the weeks and months that followed to finish up in what we would classify as phase 3.

All three phases can use the same Trump mega flash bang impeachment distraction to hide massive client flows of currency exchanging throughout the entire month of Ramadan.

Yeah, it’s a stretch. Or is it Hawaiian pizza on a bagel genius?

Harare! Harare! Harare!

God is with us.