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Global Status Report, October 17th

Global Status Report – (Behind The Scenes Look Into The Geopolitical Landscape)


Received via email…… October 17, 2016 at 2:12pm est. 



Attention: By special request, this Internet community has been sent a global status report now that certain diplomatic assets can no longer engage in such matters due to NDA contracts signed years earlier.  Once the global financial re-calibration began, all diplomatic operatives were advised to cease communications.  And now that “The Event” process has begun in earnest, said information patterns and flow had to end.  Below are a few topics that were asked to be explained in greater detail for this Internet community–a final “TETELESTAI” SITREP will be released with toll free 800# contact information and sovereign rate updates via these websites:


Iraq, biblically speaking, is known as Babylon and was invaded illegally by the USA, Inc. post 9/11, after the Twin Tower Attacks publicly announced the inharmonious relinquishment of global control from West to East in 2001.

Using Pentagon military assets and the Federal Reserve currency printing mechanism in 2004, alone with a bogus sovereign nation/ international diplomatic collation, a single faction manufactured this war through a combination of media messaging and threats.  This faction is small collection of families located in a variety of countries, but who’s main presence is Eastern Europe with HDQ in Brussels.  These gypsy invaders from what is now called the Ukraine, fancy themselves evil energy Dark Nobility (DN), and biblically at least see themselves as the Lost Tribe of Dan.

The DN’s secondary goal in Iraq was to secure all Iraqi hard commodity assets (such as land, gold bullion and oil), but their primary goal was to initiate WW3 pitting Muslims against Jews and Christians in the region, to later escalate into a global conflict, all to achieve a Zionist agenda of world domination militarily (Washington, D.C. HDQ), financially (City of London HDQ), politically (Jerusalem HDQ) and spiritually (The Vatican HDQ).

And this is what the world has been enduring for the last 2015–a private war waged semi-publicly against all sovereign nations of the world.  Thankfully, they were defeated and humanity currency exists in the unwinding of their madness.


Iran stood in the way of their bogus Muslim instigation of war plans, however, and as Iraq’s closest neighbor sharing all major oil reserves from across a common boarder, the DN felt they had to be defeated. They attempted to do so through covert military activities as well as financial sanctions and political isolation.  All because Iran turned away from the DN’s plan of global domination in the late seventies, and this is why the Shaw of Iran was thrown out of his own country.

Iran represents the hope for all of the Middle East as they had the military, assets, revenue, education and stamina to fight the European infidels in the same fashion as Zimbabwe has done for Africa (same modern time frame as well).

Now in Western media, Iran has been villainized as radical religious zealots boarding on insanity, when in truth Iran knew they would have to endure tremendous burdens in order to achieve their goal of a peaceful and prosperous Middle East in conjunction and coordination with China, Russia and India.

And their reward for 35+ years of suffering and isolation at the hands of DN assaults, is that Iran will become a member of the BRICS Alliance as wells their currency, the Iranian Rial will be the first Middle Eastern currency to join the IMF’s SDR Basket (Special Drawing Right) which is considered a super global reserve currency–and brings tremendous wealth (bond credit ratings) and prestige for any country included in the basket.


Turkey was to be the military capital of the caliphate per the master plan of DN, and would become the staging ground to both rape and pillage all Middle Eastern assets, as well as drain Western world resources until financial default occurred–which actually did in the winter of 2012 when the Federal Reserve entered bankruptcy world court (and was released in 2015 under the full control of its two largest creditors, China and Russia).

Turkey was considered the only country strong enough to counter balance Iran’s military and population strength.  But Turkey need vast resources to carry out the DN’s master plan, so Turkish President Erdrogan was allowed to quietly invade Northern Iraq (Mosul) after Iraq fell, and thus began confiscating oil fields and shipping barrels of crude oil through Turkish ports in order to fund the DN’s required military escalation agenda in the region.

Since the USA, Inc. military was already in Baghdad stealing assets in the Southern half of Iraq, Turkey had a free run for over a decade with Northern Iraqi assets less any meaningful push back by American forces.  That is until Russia entered the military theater in 2015, and in less than a year they not only recaptured the boarder between Turkey and Iraq, but also Syria.  And they effectively eliminated all of Turkey’s / DN’s Middle Eastern caliphate revenue (including narcotics sales in Afghanistan poppy fields–aka heroin).

No money, no regional war, no caliphate based in Turkey, no global WW3.


Syria is a very different conundrum, as it’s considered a Holy City (mentioned 300 times in the bible) as the “cradle of civilization for all Semitic peoples.”  When Jesus walked the earth he preached many times in Syria–including the famous Sermon on the Mount.  Syria’s capital is Damascus, but it’s largest city is Aleppo (2M people).  Syria also boarders Israel and their capitals are only 136 miles apart.  Making the nation of Syria both a serious threat and opportunity for Israel, which the DN originally created post WW2 in Palestine, and thus is always looking to expand it’s land territory.  So part of the DN’s master plan was to overthrow Syrian President Assad’s government, but that failed so they went to war using Turkey’s caliphate army, which is now cornered in Aleppo.

All because China, Russia and Iran knew of this master plan, and thus helped Assad fight off the radical Muslim caliphate which began in 2010.  This is the only reason why Assad was allowed to survive, and why the still breathing USA, Inc. geopolitical machine wants him removed.  It is all an elaborate plot to expand Israel for a Zionist DN agenda, who then believed they really controlled most of the world’s governments, military and banks.  Now they know differently.

So Syria’s stand has been both heroic and tragic, as Aleppo is where the immovable object (DN) has finally met the irritable force (BRICS) which is much stronger and has more organized political will, as well as financing from Asian Royalty, yet in the process this war has completely devastated not just the city and people of Aleppo, but all of Syria.  Thankfully, this is the spot where the radical Muslim caliphate ends across the entire Middle East, and Syria will be rebuilt bigger and better than before.  So I guess that’s their consolation prize.

Also worth noting in this final battle for absolute control of the Middle East, remaining caliphate fighters have not been told there’s no more money to fund their operations or political will to revive it, so they have unknowingly have been carefully herded by Russian military genres into Aleppo for a final slaughter–as many desperate soldiers came directly from Northern Iraq after Russia cooled that hot spot circa the previous year.

With nowhere to go for sustenance, they all fled to Aleppo, and now the truly bad guys are cornered up in the Eastern half of Aleppo, and deeply dug-in anticipating a massive air and ground assault.  As only a massive air and ground campaign can root them out of their Aleppo position.  And this is why 50,000 troops have been amassing in Mosul, because we understand that Mosul has long been under the control of both US Republic and Iraqi military forces.  And it’s also quietly known that this multi-nation coalition has already arrived in Mosul (10 hour drive by train to Aleppo) and is right now engaging the enemy in Eastern Mosul.

All to defeat Israeli expansion plans and DN caliphate, WW3 master plans in Middle East.   No wonder there are so many foreign diplomats highly interested in the military happenings inside of Syria.


The Ukraine is a big country that boarders Russia, and is considered by all to have the most fertile agriculture fields in Europe–it’s even called “The Bread Basket of Europe.”  However, the Ukraine has two things much more valuable to global powers: 1) They are the gateway country for Russian natural gas supply to Eastern Europe; 2) They are the historic homeland for the Lost Tribe of Dan (Khazarian Empire) and thus the fall back nation/government for DN operatives.

As such, in the spring of 2015, the existing Ukrainian government (favorable to Russia at the time) was quickly overthrown by a group of diplomatic terrorists supported by private DN paid militia, and ordered to provide a safe diplomatic and military haven for retreating European continent DN operatives (Brazil & Argentina were two other sovereign nation fall backs for DN loyalists in South America).  All are either being dismantled now or have been dismantled, as there is where is safe for DN operatives to hide on the surface of the earth.

So if the Ukraine is really the homeland territory for the DN historically–it would really mean something to lose your country to foreign forces.  However, the Ukraine is dead broke and Russia owns the majority of its sovereign bond debts because they saw this day coming a mile away.  So technically, Russia owns the Ukraine, just as it owned Crimea and took that back.

And because the Ukraine government decided to borrow an additional 3B dollars from Russia to pay for natural gas supplies in 2015, they must pay it in world sovereign debt courts.  But they refuse to pay anything.  Now normally, this is something that can be resolved in diplomatic fashion, however because the Ukraine gets all of it’s gas to heat their country in winter from Russia–there’s no ally ready to step in and help them.  And the winter is coming quickly.

Russia has said that all debts must be repaid in order to keep the gas on, which not only would pit the Ukranian population against their new government, but also the dozen other Eastern European nations that boarder the Ukraine and thus also receive Russian winter heating gas through Ukrainian pipelines.

Germany saw this Russian power play coming, and created an entirely different natural gas stream direct from Russia called the Nord Stream, which in 2011 began pumping gas through an seabed pipeline in the Baltic Sea, thus passing the Eastern Europe / Ukrainian gas gateway all together, and provided consistent, dedicated pipelines for all of Western Europe.  So even the EU and NATO have bailed out of Ukraine diplomatic affairs.  They are now completely isolated and their prospects for national rebirth dying by day.  So it’s just a matter of time and temperature with regards to the Ukraine.

Republic of the United States of America

The reason English citizens fled Europe in the 1,700’s was because of ever burdening taxation and legal constraints on both their daily lives and religious freedoms.  Is this not what is happening now in the United States of America?  The question is why is history repeating itself?

The answer is simply that those same powerful DN families followed them to the new world, and figured out how to stay in control of their lives regardless of the 1776 rebellion known as the Republic of United States of America.  They have throughout the centuries used tireless tactics of coercion, treachery, murder and media deceit to create the illusion of mimic corporate government (USA, Inc.) in lieu of the Republic of the United States nation.

They have of course installed their appointed leaders to appear as morally righteous men and women, governing our affairs in the best interests of all the people, when in truth they serve only the DN’s best geopolitical best interests regardless of the effects upon the native Republic population.

Their minions are all groomed from known DN families and appointment, some with the illusion of elections, but all have sworn their allegiance to “The Family” even if that means death.  And this is the invisible body in full in control of your country, your home, your military, your foreign policy, your currency since constitutional inception.

They both allow and perpetuate the illusion of American independence, freedom and strength in order to psychologically keep its masses enslaved in their own ignorance.  All who fight and die for their country are fighting and dying for DN macro agendas, and this is why the American military complex is so overly publicized and made to be revered.

Their illusion of freedom includes all democratic state and national elections, as only their candidates are allowed to run in these races which they determine the winner by voter fraud.  I know this is a very hard concept to comprehend, let alone understand and believe, but its nonetheless true and coming out soon for public consumption.   Consider yourself with a head start.

And the USA, Inc. corporation that was created back in 1871 and domiciled in Puerto Rico, defaulted in 2015 when the entire nation of Puerto Rico defaulted on its sovereign bond loan obligations.  This included the IRS, Homeland Security, FEMA and NASA.  The USA, Inc.’s major creditors were also China and Russia, who have been in full possession of all USA, Inc’s assets since the DN’s political leader, Pope Francis, surrender all Vatican corporations over in September 2015–operations, assets and populations.

One of those assets is the USA, Inc. corporate government which they are disbanding.

The problem however with eliminating a mimic government like the USA, Inc. is that people worldwide as well as inside of the United States are largely unaware that this fraud has occurred period, let alone the lie promoted and expanded for a few hundred years.  So even good natured people will  vehemently defend their “democratically elected, binary party, electoral college system leaders” even though it’s all 100% bogus.

This current election cycle is therefore being allowed to pay itself out naturally, until the last possible moment, as to limit danger to the good natured Republic population; and thus why two DN candidates are running for an executive branch office that literally no longer exists because the USA. Inc. has been declared insolvent by a world court.

Thus, Donald Trump who was born in the DN, is using the opportunity to ensure his family’s amnesty, as well as enhance his family’s “Trump” global brand name, and possibly curry favor for future Russian and Chinese real estate deals.  Donald’s loyalty is to his ego, which needs prestige, fame and money to be satiated.  He cares nothing of the American people and it shows.

The Clinton dynasty is using Hillary’s withering body to keep up normal campaign appearances just in case the DN were to reverse momentum in their geopolitical/military invisible battle–which clearly has not happened–thus the Clinton’s are now being left to “die on the vine” in full public view.  They are the sacrificial lamb for the DN in North America–notice how even the Bush’s, Kennedy’s and Rockefeller’s slid quietly into obscurity over these past few years.

Neither China nor Russia will allow the restored Republic of the United States to be run be either a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton figurehead moving forward, and so they have also already appointed both a temporary controller of the Republic territory (General Joseph Dunford) and a permanent executive replacement (TBD).  They will allow a new abbreviate election cycle so the people can still vote, and this will soon appear with in the new via the sudden approval of Congress (lead by Paul Ryan who is expected to be a possible Presidential candidate) and former President Obama.  Together, they will announce such a procedural “reset” of the election be implemented after the third presidential debate/debacle.

This new election cycle will commence immediately, and conclude on January 3, not November 8th per normal, and there will be brand new candidates introduced, yet hand selected by China and Russia, with election oversight by interim President Dunford, who will unceremoniously step down after the new executive branch leader is sworn in come January 20, 2017–per usual.

To keep the masses calm, a normal transition of power will look like it’s taking place between a newly elected presidential candidate and former President Obama, thus all matters in country will appear in normal alignment with traditional American public expectations less a slight election scheduling hiccup at the very end less any foreign or outside influence.

Expect Hillary’s health records to be revealed in the Wiki-Leaks emails from her campaign Chief of Staff John Podesta, as well as ET disclosure for Obama to publicly announce before the year’s end.  All of which has long been negotiated as “rolling out” in this very tight election time frame.

The GCR/RV announcement has already been made publicly as part of the ratification of the 2015 Paris Agreement, which legally by international treaty set (or reset) all global currencies to a gold standard determined in Shanghai, in order to fairly assign carbon taxation percentages globally–hence the name Paris Agreement on Climate Change and not the International Global Currency Reset & Revaluation Treaty.

Public Currency Revaluation

T1, T2, T3 assets have been been revalued, hydrated and completed as of Sunday evening, 16.10.2016.  Some T4 hydration and accessibility has already begun, but the full out public invitation (via toll free 800#s) has yet to begin. However, it’s release is immanent.

Sovereign rate claims for this private Internet community are permitted with humanitarian and job creation project presentations only.  And Zimbabwe’s defaulted bond/currency will be representing the entire African Union when it joins the IMF’s SDR Basket in 2030 along with Iran (Iranian Rial) for all Middle Eastern Union nations.  Both currencies are to be included in this first wave of redemptions.

However, all currencies of Africa and the Middle East are also scheduled to be included in the initial ZIM/ Rial in-take, and thus we believe the net-net sovereign holding value for African Union nations (per their audited in ground assets) to exceed a central bank holding value in the low six figures, with Middle Eastern Union holding values to well exceed five figures.